Animal Welfare Alert: 2 Pieces of Labour Legislation That Fail Service Animals

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Animal Welfare Alert: 2 Pieces of Labour Legislation That Fail Service Animals

Yesterday, a story quietly broke that was overlooked by the news stations but did make the newspapers. The story involves a middle-age deaf man and his service dog being thrown out of a restaurant in Wimbledon.

On a superficial level, there is nothing news worthy. People go into a restaurant every day with their service animals. So what makes this story newsworthy? The deaf man did nothing wrong besides bringing his service dog with him.

When I read the story it highlighted for me the current issue Britain faces regarding the definition and use of animals. For me, the article again highlights not all animals are equal and some animals are vital for people to contribute to society. Today, I focus on this story today because it highlights the problems with the Animal Welfare Act and the Equality Act.

Animal Welfare Act

To begin with, as many of you who follow me know, I am not a supporter of the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and my followers will know I believe the Animal Welfare Act has many problems. The Animal Welfare Act legislation passed under the last Labour government. However, it is a “one size fits all” approach to animal welfare. In an earlier article, I demonstrated where opportunities lie in a post-Brexit Britain for animal welfare reform and demonstrated Britain lags behind other developed nations when it comes to animal welfare.

Using the above article as an example, how could the Animal Welfare Act be amended to prevent yesterday’s incident from happening. I believe there are two parts to the act for amending. The first is redefining animal as other countries have to differentiate between companion animals, service animals, wild and livestock. By differentiating the types animals I believe it will make it easier to write legislation that protects the rights of the disabled.

By redefining animal, I believe in the Animal Welfare Act further can be made to clarify a business responsibility to a service animal. This can include providing water, ensuring the animal has space and ensuring the animal is safe while on the business property.

Equality Act

Equality Act is another piece of legislation passed by the last Labour government that fails disabled people with service animals. Granted, Equality Act strengthens and harmonizes previous legislation; however, the legislation does not go far enough. In the United States, for example, Americans with Disability Act (ADA) requires businesses to provide access to service animals and to provide the protection required. However, Equality Act is silent on this important issue.

My Vision

Whilst, I do not believe those who do not provide access people with service animals should be placed on the animal abuse register. Nonetheless, I do believe legislating access for service animals is vital and I also believe legislating the business responsibility to the service animal is vital. Furthermore, I believe this article demonstrates dogs, in particular, play a vital function in society by helping those with a disability to become fully contributing members of society. Thereby deserving further protection against harm. By amending the Animal Welfare Act and amending the Equality Act I believe, it will improve animal welfare, further protect the disabled, and help bring about the fundamental change in attitude that is vital for animal abuse register.

Can We Really Trust UK Adoption Agencies?

Maxine falls park
Maxine falls park
Maxine taking a momentary break for a chat at the falls

One of the regrets of my life is never having children and the reason for me not having children, I was abused by mental health professionals. They told me I would be a bad mother and as a result, I underwent tubal ligation. Thereby ending any chance of having children.

When I returned to my country, I explored IVF only to be rejected. I had thought about fighting the decision but in the end chose not to fight it. I also explored having the tubal ligation reversed. However, I was advised if I did then I will need to have additional microsurgery to remove any scarring and the scarring from the procedure might be too much for me to get pregnant. Then a few years ago, I had elevated levels suggesting I might have ovarian cancer and I underwent a hysterectomy, which finally ended any hope of having a child.

After having the procedure and coming to terms with my past, I began looking at adoption. As I began looking into adoption, I was shocked that members of the child’s birth family may still be in contact and the amount of screening you are subjected to before you are approved. Worst yet, when I speak with agencies that ask about pets. I am advised that I may need to get rid of my pets because the child may be allergic, may not like the pet, or if the pet is aggressive towards the child then the pet will be removed.

It is the latter issue I want to speak about now. If the agency is to be working in the best interest of the child and the child had allergies to pets then why place them with a family that loves pets? I would suspect, a family that had to give up their beloved dog or cat for a child might feel some animosity. Likewise, if the child had allergies to pets and was placed in a home where pet hair will remain, even after cleaning, is that family the best placement. How come the agency cannot provide an allergist to help the child cope with their pet allergies? Instead of requiring the family to give up their pet?

The trouble I have with the questioning about pets is, why do adoption agencies see pets as disposable? How come adoption agencies expect the pet to be removed instead of trying to find a workable solution? What about the pet and its care? What responsibility does the adoption agency has to that pet and to the family? Would that child be better placed elsewhere?

My questions may sound callous and heartless; however, there is a point. The point I am trying to make, pets are a part of the family and the family pet becomes a focal point of the identity of that family. If the family has to remove the pet because of adoption then the family loses a part of their identity. Likewise, the pet loses a caring and loving home that cares for it. The pet is put into the system that tries to find it another home. For some families losing their pet can be upsetting and troubling. I find, asking a family to remove a pet for adoption without providing support for the pet and support for the family, is callous.  Is the adoption agency truly acting in the best interest of the child by finding them the best possible family or is the agency trying to unburden themselves?

For me, my pets are a part of my family identity and I could not give them up. Instead, I expect the adoption agency to work with me in finding a child that is compatible with my home life and provide the support necessary to make it the best situation for all (including pets). By working with my lifestyle and understanding my needs, I believe an adoption agency is truly working in the best interest of the child to ensure the best possible outcome for all involved.

In conclusion, trying to start the adoption process in the United Kingdom leaves me sad. I believe, it is probably in my husband’s best interest and mine to look outside of the United Kingdom to adopt. Unfortunately the cost to adopt abroad will most mean I will never be able to afford to adopt and also, it will mean a child in need of a loving home in the United Kingdom will either have to wait longer or never find it because of the bureaucracy of the process. Whilst I understand the term “in the best interest of the child,” I have to question if adoption agencies are truly acting in the best interest of the child or finding reasons to deny loving homes to children?


Who Is My Friend

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Maxine falls park
Maxine taking a momentary break for a chat at the falls

Who Is My Friend?

Yesterday 19 August 2017, my world has torn a part while my husband and I are planning our visit to Israel. We have friends that we met while living in the United States and they moved to Israel about a year before we moved to the United Kingdom. Since moving to the United Kingdom we visited them a few time in Israel and they have become like a second family. 

We were close, during our friendship we emotionally supported them when they evacuated their home because of rockets being fired from Gaza and offered for them to stay with us, should the need ever arise.

Before booking our tickets for our next visit. I spoke with them and found a lot has changed since our last visit. So, I confirmed with them it is okay to visit and told come. So, we booked and starting planning our holiday, vacation.

In order to keep in contact, this week I tried calling right after I came home from work at 5 PM and no response. So I keep trying and start messaging on Facebook; however, no response. If I cannot reach them by calling then I will get a reply via Facebook. At first, I think there is nothing out of the ordinary because they work shifts and I know their hours vary. My initial thought is not to make much out of it since I have known them for many years. 

As the week goes on, I keep trying and late yesterday evening I find both my husband and me have been blocked by them on Facebook. No call, no explanation, and a long-term friendship that spans many years of friendship just ignored. 

Suffice it to say it has left both my husband hurt but I do not always show my hurt. Instead, I prefer to write and by writing, I begin to understand. Currently, I am struggling to understand what has caused such treatment. Nonetheless, my husband and I are still going to Israel; however, we will not be seeing them.

Finally, from all of this, it shows me nothing is guaranteed and you cannot take things for granted. It shows friendship is a definition. No matter how long the friendship things can change very quickly and it can change without notice. Therefore, always cherish what you have around you and never take things for granted. By taking things for granted, I believe, it is easy to overlook what is truly important and once it is gone, the hurt is compounded because you realize what you are missing.


How To Use Color to Make An Exquisite Slime

Mermaid Slime

How To Use Color To Make An Exquisite Jiggly Slime?

At its core, jiggly slime is nothing more than glue, water, and borax. There is nothing complicated and anyone can mix the three ingredients to produce a marvelous wobbly gelatin like product. The challenge lies in bringing the slime to life and making your slime something others want?

The answer is simple, add color. Adding color is an extension of your personality. It can express your mood, something about you, and it can express something about your product. If you are selling slime then picking the right color and more importantly the right hue is very important. 

To demonstrate the above let us take a look at an example, pink. Not to sound sexist, the color pink tends to associated with feminity and it tends to be a color associated with being a girl. From another perspective, color psychology, pink is seen as being calming and vulnerability. At Brighter Tomorrow we offer a few pink slimes but find one tends to be the most popular hue of pink, can you guess which one? 

Pink Slime on black background
Pink Slime in 180 ml Container: Ideal for Stress Relief and Makes a Great Gift
Pink Slime White Background
Pink Slime in 180 ml Container: Ideal for Stress Relief or Makes Great Gift
pink florescent slime
pink florescent slime
unicorn poop slime










How To Fix 9 Common Issues with Borax Base Jiggly Slime

silver and gold slime


Mermaid slime
Perfectly made mermaid slime being poured out

How To Fix 9 Common Issues with Borax Base Jiggly Slime

Sometime the best intentions can go wrong with making slime and this guide is to help some correct some of the issues. Using our vast experience of making thousand slimes of different kinds Brighter Tomorrow is please to put together this guide for slime enthusiasts. Hopefully this guide will generate love and excitement for making slime. 

1) Slime is Runnier Than Expected

This is most likely due to at least one of three potential explanations:.

  • You added too much water. It is important to use a measuring cup that is clearly marked when measuring liquids and only add the required water.
  • You did not add enough glue. Glue is what gives slime it consistency and not enough glue will give you runny slime.
  • Not enough borax was added. Borax reacts with the glue to give slime its jiggly texture. Not enough borax will produce a very runny, nearly liquid slime.

2) When mixing slime it is runny in parts and clumpy in other parts

This is a process issue. You need to review your process and how you are making slime. Most likely the recipe is correct; however the issue is the steps you are taking or less likely it is the quality of your ingredients. A few possible reasons can include:

  • Water needs to be warm enough to dissolve the glue and borax. If water is not warm enough, then either the glue only will partially dissolve or the borax will not dissolve completely. This can lead to issues.
  • If you are making multiple batches and this happens after the first batch that went well. Then it is likely you have not thoroughly cleaned it enough.You will need to ensure all extra glue is removed and there is no borax residue.
  • You poured your mixture too soon. Ideall your slime takes one – two minutes to form.

liquid glass slime
liquid glass slime

3) Air bubbles in mixture

Air bubbles are harmless and does not impact you to use slime. If you get air bubbles the best thing is to do is to let the slime cool uncovered. This will allow the slime to cool and the air to escape. 

4) When slime cools mixture is runnier than expected

One of three possible resons:

  • Added too much water
  • Added not enough borax
  • Did not thorough mix the borax and glue
  • Did not thoroughly clean your slime materials you use for mixing the glue and borax.

5) Color and / or glitter separates from slime

Remember slime is a chemical that operates on the priciples of soluability and gravity like any other chemical. This regularly happens when slime is shipped or sits for a while.  The fix is simple take the slime out and knead it for a few minutes. This will mix any color or glitter that has separated. 

6) White chunks appear in slime after sitting a while

Sometimes if slime sits for a bit some of the borax will separate and white blobs will appear in the slime, especially in lightly colored slime like pink. This is most likely some of the borax separating and it can be easily resolved by kneading the slime for about 1 – 2 minutes to mix it again.

7) Slime is tough after sitting a while

When slime sits it can get a bit tough and loose some of its elasticity. Best option here is to mix it by kneading it for 1 – 2 minutes or use slime reviver

8) Slime Moulds

Remember slime has water.  Jiggly / jelly and goo slimes are very prone to this issuebecause of their high water content. This does not mean other slimes like fluffy are not prone to moulding but it may mean the chance is less. It is therefore important to correctly store your slime by storing it covered in a dry cool area. If you leave it uncovered or in a moist area such as the kitchen, bathroom, or any area prone to moisture then there is a chance it will mold.

9) Colour Stains

This can be a very common issue with food color, especially red. To fix this issue you will need to review your recipe and your process.

If you are using a water based dye but you use oil (e.g. shaving cream, lotion) base products in your recipe then the oil base product(s) may be a part of the issue.  Next look at how you mix the colour. Do you spend time making sure the color is fully mixed or do you just do enough mixing to get the color in to the product? It is important to ensure the color is fully mixed. Finally try different types of coloring beyond food coloring. Granted food coloring is readily available and it is cheap; however food coloring is notorious for staining. However other types of coloring like baking paste colors might provide a better result.

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Life Work of Maxine Berry: Fighting to End All Forms Abuse and Mistreatment

falls park at night
Maxine falls park
Maxine taking a momentary break for a chat at the falls


Maxine Berry is not just the Managing Director of Brighter Tomorrow Limited (UK)). She is also a tireless campaigner who is fighting to end all forms of abuse and mistreatment. Below is a listing of articles rearding the work of Maxine Berry

Animal Rights

Animal Rights Activist  (last accessed 12 August 2017)

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Justice For Chunky Petition (last accessed 12 August 2017)

Go Fund Me (last accessed 12 August 2017)

Half a Million People Justice for Chunky Campaign (last accessed 12 August 2017)

Brits Call for Animal Abuse Register After Justice for Chunky Campaign (last accessed 12 August 2017)

Chunky the Dog Inspires Petition for Animal Abuse Register (last accessed 12 August 2017)

Abuse of Chunky the Chihua Sparks Pleas to Ministers (last accessed 12 August 2017)

Campaigners Want Justice for Chunky (last accessed 12 August 2017)

Animal Lovers Urge the Government to Change Animal Cruetly Laws (last accessed 12 Agusut 2017)

400K Sign Petition After ‘Sick’ Dog Cruelty (last accessed 12 August 2017)

This Dog Presented A Petition to the Government to End Animal Cruelty (last accessed 12 Agust 2017)

Plaid Cymru Calls for Wales to Have Animal Abuse Register (last accessed 12 August 2017)

False Memories

How False Memories of Abuse Almost Destroyed a Young Life (last accessed 12 August 2017)

FMSF Newsletter (last accessed 12 August 2017)

The Women Brainwashed by Therapists to Believe Their Parents Abused Them (last accessed 12 August 2017)

Daily Mail Article on False Memories BFMS (last accessed 12 August 2017)


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If you are the media or have a quiestion regarding Brighter Tomorrow please phone: 07864 651 070. Otherwise for general questions please use the below contact form.

How to Move to the United Kingdom from the United States

Liverpool Albert Docks Sunrise
falls park at night
Falls park at night

Several years ago we moved to the United Kingdom from the mid-west in the United States finally settling in the north of England. When we arrived, we did not know any Americans and it was only a few years later did we start to meet Americans. The below advice is broad sweeping general advice for anyone planning to move to the United Kingdom. It can be read as a whole or by sections.

Ask Yourself, Why?

It is not possible to show up in the United Kingdom and start legally living here. Living in the United Kingdom takes planning and preparation. Your starting point is asking why do I want to move? 

Wanting to live where Shakespeare or Churchill came from and experience another culture that goes back 1,000 years is not good enough. You will be moving away from family, friends, and making a life for yourself in another country. In the UK you will need to find a job, housing, and if you have children a good school. If you have very conservative political leaning, British culture may be overwhelming. Regardless, it is a massively big change and it is a major life stressor. Moving to the United Kingdom is something that will disrupt your life and possibly create division in your family. If you cannot understand your reason then no one else will. 

butterflyInternet Romance

One common reason, I find people move to the United Kingdom they marry someone from here. Their story follows a very typical pattern. Romance blooms and they marry. What is more romantic and beautiful?

I have met a few Americans who meet someone online. They exchange pleasantries, and typically the American will fly over for a visit. They will then fly a few more times to the United Kingdom to meet the person they met online. After a few, jet setting visits they become engaged and apply for a spousal visa. The visa gets approved and soon they are in the United Kingdom. It sounds quite like a fairytale romance set in modern times. What can be purer than meeting the person of your dreams and having technology unite you?

From my experience, those who meet the spouse online and once the excitement of settling in the United Kingdom wears off, many tend to become depressed and angry. I am not saying this is true for all online romances and I am not necessarily saying this true for most online romance. However, from those that I have spoken with a reason for this I believe relates to them becoming isolated from family in the United States because they do not have the money to fly back for periodic visits.

Flying to the United States

Flying to the United States is not cheap. A ticket from a major airport in the United Kingdom to the United States varies greatly. The cheapest for me was £350 per/person during the banking collapse. Average, for me, run around £425 – £525 per person. Highest I have seen is around the holidays and it can run between £650 – £1,200 per person for economy purchased 8 – 12 weeks in advance. Unless you are making at least £25,000 – £30,000 outside of London and outside of the Home Counties you may find expenses keep you from flying back on a regular basis.

Justice for Chunky and AAR Position Statement of Kosher and Hala Slaughter

Animal Abuse Register logo
Animal Abuse Register logo
Animal Abuse Register logo

Problem With Banning Kosher and Hala Slaughter

Recently I have been asked to support a petition calling for the banning for Kosher and Halal slaughter in the UK that is found on a petition site. Since I do not want to give the individual free publicity for the petition, I am not listing here and I believe, such a petition very disturbing.

For those who support a ban, I believe, do so with malice in their hearts. I further believe a calling for a such a ban is both anti-Semitic and is Islamaphobic. Such a ban, I believe, it violates: Article 8 and 9 of the Human Rights ActUnited Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights Articles: 12 and 18 and Equality Act.

Banning Ritual Slaughter Equates to Anti-Semitism

So why do I believe banning Kosher and Hala slaughter is wrong? I will state I am more familiar with Kosher slaughter and Judaism than Islam. So, my statement will be from a Jewish perspective. However, my statement can be equally applied to Halah slaughter and Islam.  Next, for this statement, I am not going to digress about the differences between Kosher and Halal slaughter. Plus I am not going into defining anti-Semitism and then going into a fully explanation as to why banning Kosher slaughter is anti-Semitism. Instead, I will state, denying a group of people to practice their religion that is acceptable in other parts of the world is wrong and amounts to anti-Semitism. Furthermore, by calling for such a ban demonstrates ignorance, it demonstrates a complete lack of understanding and it demonstrates hate.

I believe banning Hala and Kosher slaughter at is denying non-Christians their right to practice their religion without interference from the government and it is forcing a religion, Christianity, upon them. This raises another question for me? How come those seeking to ban Kosher and Hala slaughter do not also seek to ban Bali and Jhatka religious slaughter too? To be fully compliant with the Equality Act, I believe, the petition should call for the ban of all religious slaughter. The answer is simple, it is not about banning all religious slaughter but something much more troubling. Any special interest or political party that pushes for a ban, I believe, does so from an anti-Semitic perspective. Why do I believe this?

If There is No Anti-Semitism Then How Come the Petition Does Not Call for a Ban on All Animal Slaughter?

Let me ask the question if there is no anti-Semitism then why push for banning Kosher instead of pushing for an outright ban on slaughtering of all animals? Especially when Kosher slaughter has very strict rules for the slaughter that protects the animal for it to be considered Kosher and Kosher slaughter is more humane than non-Kosher slaughter? If the petition is about really about animal rights and protecting the animal then why single out Jews and Muslims?

I do not believe any petition calling for the banning of Kosher of Hala slaughter is about animal welfare. Instead, pushing for such a ban is very reminiscent of 1290 Britain under the Edict of Expulsion from Edward 1, reminiscent of America under Jim Crow laws, and the Holocaust under Nazi Germany.

Ban Denies Basic Human Rights by Creating a “Separate But Equal” Society

Simply put, pushing for a ban denies a group of people their human rights and creates a “separate but equal,” segregated society. Denying a group of people their right to religious slaughter meat when other Western nations still protect their right is regressive. It creates a segregated society where some can practice their religion while others are denied their right to freely practice their religion. Furthermore, it promotes state sponsored Christianity at the cost of religious freedom for all and takes away some freedom.

AAR Campaign is about Uniting Not Dividing

My campaign, AAR – Justice for Chunky, is about making Britain safer and it is about uniting this country. It is not dividing the country along geographical, religious, or political ideological lines. Instead, I seek to unite people, respect their rights, and bring about a solution that works for all. I believe banning Kosher slaughter is anti-Semitc and denies a group of people their right to freely practice their relition in the country when other countries allow Kosher religious slaughter.

Finally, I want to remind the Green Party that a part of my condition for working with them was the animal abuse register will not be used to ban religious slaughter. It is my hope the Green Party continues to respect my wish and it is not behind any of the petitions I am seeing.

Support AAR – Justice for Chunky

If you want to support us, we currently offer a great stress relieving slime. It is a good stress reliever but it makes a great gift for a child or grandchild.






The Shocking Truth about Borax and Its Use

Borax 300g
Liverpool Albert Docks Sunrise
Liverpool Albert Docks at sunrise

Borax is used to make slime, in particular a type called jiggly. Jiggly is very similar to gelatin and very similar to putty toys of yesteryear. It creates a soft spongy semi-solid texture. Using borax base makes the slime durable and easy to clean up. Thereby making it is easy to take it with you and not have to worry about a mess.

Nonetheless, one of the issues I face as a seller of slime is the issue of borax. Some buyers are reluctant to buy borax base slime because they believe it is bad for them. There is some good reasons for this, such as:

  • It can be a skin irritant
  • If ingested in large quantities it can be toxic

Nonetheless, if borax is not consumed, if it is handled correctly, and proper precautions are taken then borax is relatively safe. When borax is mixed as a part of a slime recipe it becomes iniquitous, inert. The only issue that remains is not ingesting the slime and washing your hands when done.

Finally, I believe there is another reason why buyers are reluctant to buy borax based slime. Borax is easily confused with boric acid or sodium or soidum borate. The confusion lies, I believe, in fact borax is used to make boric acid. However, both are chemically different. Some may be asking if borax is used to make boric acid then how can borax be safe? Without going into an essay on chemistry think about NaCl (sodium chloride or table salt). Two chemicals are used to make salt. Sodium a reactive metal reacts with very dangerous chlorine gas to produce a safe stable salt for human consumption.

With that said, boric acid is used in insecticides. Exposure to boric acid can lead to poisoning. This means, it is easy to confuse borax with more dangerous chemical. Moreover, for the most part, if you do not eat a borax base slime  and wash your hands afterwards then borax slime is relatively safe to use. Therefore, unless you are allergic to borax, I do not believe there is much risk with a borax based slime provided it is not used for consumption and it is used correctly.

Further Information on Borax (link will take you to 3rd Party sites not affiliated with Brighter Tomorrow and Brighter Tomorrow is not responsible for the content)

Is Borax Safe or Not? (Last visit to site 20 July 2017)

Is Borax Safe For Making Slime (Last to site 20 July 2017)

Is Borax Safe As a Natural Cleaning & Beauty Product? (Last visit to site 20 July 2017)

Boric Acid Poisoning (last visit to site 20 July 2017)

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Can Slime Help Relieve Stress?

Slime Buying Guide: What Type of Slime Is Right For You?

Slime The Inexpensive Gift

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Maxine Berry Vision of Animal Abuse Register

Selected Slime Available

Below are some of the slime currently available. For a complete list visit our shop.

Galaxy Slime

Borax Powder

Shimmering Cherry Slime

Shimmering Blue Slime

Brown Shimmering Slime

Black Shimmering Slime

Unicorn Poop 6 x 4oz Containers

Unicorn Poop 4 x 4 oz Containers

Liquid Glass Slime 100 ml Container

Liquid Glass Slime 4 oz Container

Orange Slime in 4 oz Container

Can Slime Help Relieve Stress?

Stress – Battling PTSD Wikki Commons – license public domain

Stress Reliving Properties of Slime

At Brighter Tomorrow we strive to make our customers’ lives simpler and happier by helping our customers to get the most from their time. A way to help our customers to get the most from their time is by helping them relax and enjoy that time, especially, if that time is with family and friends.

Visiting family and friends can be a very anxious and stressful time, especially around the holidays.  During the holidays a lot is happening and a lot of demands being put on to you. Instead taking time to appreciate the one you love and instead of enjoying this special time, it is a time of worry.  By not feeling relaxed means you are not enjoying, to its fullest, the precious time you have with your family and friends.

borax slime
borax slime

So how can Brighter Tomorrow help you ? One of the products we sell is slime. I know, as an adult the first question is, how can a kids toy help me relax? Slime belongs to a group of stress aids called fidget widgets. Fidget widgets are any item that is used while thinking about something else. Such an item gives the mind a break by distracting it. For some people, a momentary distraction, can help focus attention and can help with relieving stress.

From my own experience with slime, the pulling and the mixing it is therapeutic for me. It momentarily disctacts me and freeing my mind of my daily concerns. After a few minutes playing with slime, I find my worries begin to melt away. So what about slime is relaxing? Personally, I find the physical interaction with slime relaxes me and helps me enjoy my time.

I realise my story of using slime may not mean a lot. However, when looking through media stories about slime being stress relieving there are several stories where people have found slime helping them relieve stress. So, I challenge you to try it and discover for yourself.

Does this mean every person who uses slime will feel relaxed. In the ideal world Brighter Tomorrow hopes slime will be 100% effective. Instead at Brighter Tomorrow we are pragmatic believing when slime used as a part of an overall plan to reduce stress can reduce stress but we at Brighter Tomorrow encourage you to decide for yourself by acting now to get some slime to see if it reduces stress.


unicron shimmer jelly slime
Brighter Tomorrow 6 x 180 ml containers of borax base jelly unicorn rainbow poop

Further Reading on Stress Relieving Properties of Slime – 3rd Party Sites Not Affiliated With Brighter Tomorrow

Stress Toys (Atlantic last accessed 16 July 2017)

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