Slime Stress Relief Buying Guide: What Type of Slime Is Right for You?

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pink florescent slime
pink florescent slime


The below guide is a guide I have written and put on E-bay. I have modified it from my the post for this website.

All photos in this article and the article on E-bay are owned by Brighter Tomorrow. If you want to buy a container of slime please visit our shop.

What is Slime & How Can It Help You?

When you strip away all colours, scents, and variations of slime. At its core, slime is a polymer. Without going into a discussion about polymer chemistry, a polymer is a large molecule that is made up of repeating sub-units. It is almost impossible to live our daily life without using a polymer. The best example of a polymer, besides slime, is plastic. Plastic is versatile polymer being used to make cookware, to make artificial limbs, and used to make airplanes lighter to burn less fuel. So, what does this mean for slime?

Being a polymer means slime has properties that allows it to stretch, to be kneaded, or anything else you can imagine. As you work slime, it can return to its natural shape. However, like any other material it ages but by using slime reviver it can help to extend the life of your slime. This brings me to the question you are wanting to ask, how can slime help me relieve stress?

Slime does not relieve stress by requiring you to wear it or have it monitor your heart rate. Instead stress relief from slime is obtained by interacting with slime. By interacting with slime, distracts your mind. How does it distract your mind? Slime from my experience is a very tactile and kinesthetic experience. Meaning the texture of slime and the feeling of slime is as much as the sensory experience as a physical activity. After a few minutes interacting with slime you may begin to feel less stress and begin to feel relaxed. 

This can mean, situation where you feel stress (e.g. flying, working, family demands) can be made less stressful when using slime for a few minutes. Likewise, it can also mean you may feel even more relaxed when you interact with slime when doing an enjoyable activity like listening to music or watching television.

unicorn poop
Unicorn poop

Types of Slime

There a literally thousands of combinations of slime colours, scents, and types. However, when you strip it all down there are three basic slime types:

  1. Jiggly
  2. Fluffy
  3. Runny

Jiggly: Is typically a borax base type of slime. It is the most common type of slime we sell at Brighter Tomorrow (all photos on this article are jiggly). This type of slime has a texture like gelatin or putty toys of yesteryear. It has a semi-solid feel to it. This means this type of slime is ideal for travel since it leaves very little mess and the soft-texture makes it an ideal stress reliever.

Fluffy: Fluffy is made different ways, which may or may not include borax. Fluffy has a very sticky texture to it but it is very stretchable. Unlike its jiggly and runny cousins, Fluffy is more solid with still a soft feel to it. However, this type of slime can leave a lot of mess behind because of its sticky texture.

Runny: Texture wise it is like jiggly slime but the main difference, runny tends to be a bit more liquid. It is very like goo and it can be very messy, especially to clean-up. An advantage of runny, if someone has limited joint mobility in their fingers (e.g. arthritis) then runny may be easier to use.


stretchy pink slime
stretchy pink slime

What Type of Slime Is Best For Stress Relief?

Answer to the question depends on your personal preferences and need. Runny may be ideally suited for someone with limit joint mobility in the fingers. Whereas jiggly may be suited for someone that wants a slime that is easy to transport and does not require a lot of clean-up. Finally fluff slime may be suited for someone who wants a bit of quiet time. Whenever you need to relax, there is a slime type waiting for you.

Shop For Slime

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pink container

What is Slime?

What is slime? Slime is an inexpensive polymer that stretches and returns to its natural shape. It acts very much acts and feels like putty from yesteryear. Whilst the texture of slime may be similar to putty, it is a bit different than putty. It has a spongy and slightly sticky texture. When holding slime it may feel a bit cool to the touch and if thrown it will not bounce back like putty.

From my own experience, I describe slime being like gelatin. It has a semi-solid feel and it can feel cool to the touch. Unlike both gelatin and putty, slime can be revived thereby extending its life.


It can stay fresh with a bit of water and baby oil.  Thereby lasting and providing more hours of enjoyment.


As for colouring we only use only safe colours. If you do not see the colour you are wanting, please contact us.

Brighter Tomorrow Begins Sales

Maxine falls park
Maxine falls park
Maxine taking a momentary break for a chat at the falls

Brighter Tomorrow Sales Begins

After a bit of searching we pleased to announce we have found a solution to sell directly on Brighter Tomorrow. It is a very basic solution that will provide a easy check-out for you. I hope you will give us a try.

Current Offering

Currently we are offering slime. Slime is a polymer that is similar to putty toys of yesteryear. It is lightweight, compact, and easy to travel with. Making it a great gift idea.

What Can you do with Slime?

End Smoking and Relieve Stress?

For some it can relieve stress or help someone stop smoking. How? Slime is a great tool for distraction and keeping the hands busy. By keeping hands busy it distracts the mind and gives the hands something to do. Thereby helping to relieve stress and help someone keep their mind off of smoking.

Special Needs or Autistic Child?

For special needs or autistic children, slime allows sensory play. It engages the senses.


Finally for children, it engages their imagination and creativity.

The Future

In the coming weeks we will be expanding our offering and encourage you to give us a try.A reason for sales is to support this campaign and to support any further campaigns we may run.

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