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Keeping Families Together

In Britain it is estimated approximately 50% of households have a pet. However, those in the rental section, see a pet as mere property. Whereby a pet is something that can be disposed when the situation requires it. Even though the tenant may have given proper notice of having a pet to the landlord. The landlord may use the pet as the excuse for not being able to re-home family when re-homing is required in an effort to avoid their obligation to the family. Sadly, the landlord does not realise the emotional bond that is formed and ignores the benefits a pet provides. The benefits a pet provides is very much the same benefits belonging to family provides. Time has come for a change to view pets as members of the family and a family must be re-home then the focus must be Keeping Families Together.

A Pet Is Not Property But A Member Of The Family

Keeping Families Together means, a pet is not a mere piece of property but a member of the family. A pet adds meaning to our lives, keep us healthy, and most of all they do not judge us. By having a pet, adds years to life and keeps us emotionally healthy. Our world will be worse without having a pet.

Keeping Families Together Means Less Abandoned Pets

Splitting a family a part, especially when it is not the family’s fault, is unfair. It causes them unnecessary emotional grief and compounds any grief they may be experiencing. Furthermore it means the family has a tough choice, during a time of undue emotional stress, to be re-homed or keep a member of their family. No one should have to face splitting their family in order to have housing.

Time For Legislative Reform

Time has come for legislative reform to strengthen the laws regarding families with pets. Families, who have given proper notice of having pet should not face making a tough decision of splitting their family. Instead landlords, public and private, must be forced to re-home families with pets or face legal penalties for non-compliance.

Please sign our petition calling for legislative reform so no family has to split-up through no fault of their own. With your support, Brighter Tomorrow can make a brighter tomorrow for those who rent and have a pet.

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Slime: The Inexpensive gift for children of all ages

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What is Slime?

What is slime? Slime is an inexpensive polymer that stretches and returns to its natural shape. It acts very much acts and feels like putty from yesteryear. Whilst the texture of slime may be similar to putty, it is a bit different than putty. It has a spongy and slightly sticky texture. When holding slime it may feel a bit cool to the touch and if thrown it will not bounce back like putty.

From my own experience, I describe slime being like gelatin. It has a semi-solid feel and it can feel cool to the touch. Unlike both gelatin and putty, slime can be revived thereby extending its life.


It can stay fresh with a bit of water and baby oil.  Thereby lasting and providing more hours of enjoyment.


As for colouring we only use only safe colours. If you do not see the colour you are wanting, please contact us.

Brighter Tomorrow Begins Sales

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Brighter Tomorrow Sales Begins

After a bit of searching we pleased to announce we have found a solution to sell directly on Brighter Tomorrow. It is a very basic solution that will provide a easy check-out for you. I hope you will give us a try.

Current Offering

Currently we are offering slime. Slime is a polymer that is similar to putty toys of yesteryear. It is lightweight, compact, and easy to travel with. Making it a great gift idea.

What Can you do with Slime?

End Smoking and Relieve Stress?

For some it can relieve stress or help someone stop smoking. How? Slime is a great tool for distraction and keeping the hands busy. By keeping hands busy it distracts the mind and gives the hands something to do. Thereby helping to relieve stress and help someone keep their mind off of smoking.

Special Needs or Autistic Child?

For special needs or autistic children, slime allows sensory play. It engages the senses.


Finally for children, it engages their imagination and creativity.

The Future

In the coming weeks we will be expanding our offering and encourage you to give us a try.A reason for sales is to support this campaign and to support any further campaigns we may run.

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