Will the animal abuse register be the price the DUP extract from Theresa May and Conservative Party?

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Will the Animal Abuse Register be the Price the DUP Extract from Theresa May and Conservative Party?

Yesterday, 9 June 2017, Theresa May announces the formation of a minority government with the DUP.  For many voters, this announcement raises a lot of concern and anger. Some of the concern resides around the Conservative Party not having a clear majority. While others are upset by the ultra-Conservative politics of the DUP. Some may argue they are like the Conservative religious right of the GOP in the United States.  For many it appears the Conservative Party is willing to make a step to the right to remain in power.

DUP Friends of the Animal Abuse Register

Putting aside all arguments against a Conservative government with the DUP. A minority government offers hope. What is the hope? The DUP are very staunch supporters of the animal abuse register and this may be the event that brings forward the register.

The quote from Christopher Stalford indicates a commitment by the DUP to the animal abuse register:

The motion mentions a register [animal abuse register], which I absolutely support. Concerns have been expressed about data protection and what have you. Ultimately, I believe that, if people takes it upon themselves to torture, mutilate or starve an animal, frankly, whatever considerations there may be about protecting their data, the balance of the law should not be on their side. We certainly should not allow a situation to exist — Christopher Stalford (DUP)

Furthermore, his quote offers a solution on the question regarding data protection.

Animal Abuse Register A Part of Supply and Confidence Agreement?

It is too early to say, however, his quote indicates the possibility of the DUP may require the animal abuse register to be a part of any supply and confidence agreement with the Conservative Party. Also, I believe his quote opens the possibility the animal abuse register may become an issue the Conservative Party may have to address to keep their minority government.

I call on the DUP to use implementing an animal abuse register as a price for confidence and supply to form a minority government with the Conservative Party. Imagine what Britain with the register? Better laws to protect our pets. Longer sentences for the those who commit one of the most horrific acts. Overall, the animal abuse register will make Britain a better place for all of us.

I therefore believe the animal abuse register is not dead. Furthermore, I do not believe the animal abuse register will flounder in the background as something “nice-to-have.” Instead I believe the DUP offers a way forward on the issue of implementing an animal abuse register. It is too say to say but I believe this minority government can make a UK wide animal abuse register a possibility.

Let us all work together in making the animal abuse register happen.

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Share Your Animal Abuse Register Vision

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Maxine taking a momentary break for a chat at the falls

Share Your Animal Abuse Register Vision

I am lucky. Over the last 18 months I get the opportunity to meet some amazing people and hear their animal abuse register vision. Occasionally, someone on my Justice for Chunky Facebook site will share the views with me their animal abuse register vision. Furthermore, from speaking with people who support my campaign there seems to be agreement on the need for longer sentences. However almost no one will state what the register should contain or how the register operates. This is fine because the idea is simple but the issues behind having an animal abuse register are complex.

Nonetheless, I like to reach out to others to hear their views because the best animal abuse register will be the one in which there is engagement. The important thing is that you do not need to understand all of the issues. Instead the important point is having an opinion that you want to share. Therefore, I am looking to hear your opinion, your thoughts, and your animal abuse register vision. My question to you if you are given the opportunity to design an animal abuse register:

  • What will it include?
  • Length of of sentence
  • Your definition of animal. What will the register cover (pets, all animals, domesticated, something else)
  • Will the register be public or private?
  • Can employers use it for employment checks?
  • How long will someone be on the register?  Can they ever come off of it?
  • Last question, how will you fund the register? (taxes, fees, fines, use your imagination)

Finally, have fun with the idea. Think about it and use the below form to share you thoughts with me.

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Support Campaign

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How Safe is your Dog from Abuse: Does the Animal Abuse Register Matter after 12 May Ransomware Attack?

Maxine falls park
Maxine Berry Interview
Maxine Berry being interviewed before submitting justice for chunky petition to DEFRA

Open Letter to MPs: Animal Abuse Register Can Make Us All Feel Less Vulnerable

The recent ransomware attack on many United Kingdom and world businesses reminded each of us how vulnerable we are. The attack hits us at our core. Reminding us we vulnerable and a lot must be done to make us safer. In the coming days after the general election I am sure MP will begin drafting legislation to address specific vulnerabilities.

Whilst the recent ransomware attack made all of feel vulnerable, it is important no to remember there are many in the United Kingdom who feel the need for justice. The need for justice does not just lie in the recent attack but also in the need for animal abuse register. Animal abuse makes us feel helpless and it shows the worst society has to offer. Many people wrongly believe those who abuse animals do not have an impact on them. They are wrong. Some who abuse animals will go on to harm people. Looking at recent information:

  • Recent Telegraph article suggests violent crime costs the UK economy £124 billion
  • According to the ONS in the year ending December 2016 there were 358,786 recorded crimes crimes against person in England and Wales that were domestic abuse related in 2016
  • Violent crime up 24% in 2016 (Guardian Article)

Preventing Senseless Violence

By addressing animal abuse you are also addressing another issue and that issue is senseless violence. It is violence that occurs because there is no animal abuse register. Based on statistics from 2016, it appears violent crimes cost the economy a staggering £124 billion to the economy and statistics show the problem is not getting better.

So where does the solution lie? The solution already exists. Having an animal abuse register means individuals who are convicted of violence against an animal are put on a register. This is will help to provide, where appropriate, help for them and in cases of juveniles help for their family. It will also mean savings for the economy because a segment of the criminal population will be on a register. This could provide information to the police to help solve further crimes.

Our Supporters

During this time it is easy to lose sight of what matters to voters and focus on the story that grabs the most attention in the media. The Justice for Chunky campaign has nearly 600,000 with the vast majority of signatures coming from the United Kingdom. From what we can analyse, from various sources, it appears most of our supporters

  • are in the 35 – 65 age range, with most in the 45 – 55 age range. However we do have some support from the 18-25 age group.
  • comes from middle-class to upper-middle class background
  • primarily women (65% women – 35% men), though varies
  • come from all political parties but appear to favour more moderate political ideology that also favours longer sentences
  • primarily not vegan and primarily not vegetarian

Since 12 May

After publication of this article both London and Manchester have experienced terrorist attacks. Public safety and national security need to be at the forefront of any government policy. Nonetheless, everyday issues such as the need for an animal abuse register cannot be forgotten. Having an animal abuse register is one way we all can feel a bit more secure. An animal abuse register may provide another route for identifying potential terrorist and potentially identify those who can do us harm. Whilst the animal abuse register may not be a priority, at this moment, it is still a way we (as a nation) can make Britain safer.


Therefore, while the ransomware attack demonstrates the need for security. Nonetheless, we cannot lose sight of something more personal the need for each one of us to feel safe. One way all of us can feel more secure is knowing there is animal abuse register that provides longer sentences for those who abuse animals. It can provide a way to address the rising cost of crime and be self-sustaining. As the general election gets closer it is important to remember our supporters are in the groups that vote and it is important to remember what matters most is an animal abuse register that provides longer sentences for those who abuse animals.

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How updating the Animal Welfare Act 2006 Make Britain Safer?

Maxine Berry Interview

How updating the Animal Welfare Act 2006 Make Britain Safer?


Imagine a place where bullying, abuse, and violence disappears? What does it look like? How does it make you feel? Do you feel technology can protect us by knowing if someone has a violent past? Will you feel more secure if the police knew where violent people live and was using that information to make our communities safer? Sound too good to be true? Maybe, but there is a something that can help to make Britain safer and decrease violence in society.

In order to make us safe and to protect us we must be willing to take a risk. Brexit offers the opportunity UK to control and make us safer. So, how can we become safer by reducing abuse and violence? The answer is simple an animal abuse register.

Animal Register: The Basics

How can an animal abuse register reduce abuse and violence in this country? In order to understand how an animal abuse register can make Britain safer it is important to understand the very basics. First, the term animal abuse register creates a lot of questions, such as: what is an animal? Animal Welfare Act 2006 defines animal in section1 but whilst it does a marvelous attempt in defining animal it raises questions about application to invertebrates and how can it be successfully funded to allow enforcement? Maxine Berry through her Justice for Chunky petition calls for a register to protect our pets, companion animals. The state of Tennessee animal abuse register, as defined by Tennessee’s legislation establishing the register, an animal is defined as a companion that is not livestock and not wild. This means only those animals kept as companions, such as dogs or cats, will be covered.

This raises the next question; how will the register operate? A more detailed explanation can be found here. The register will only include those who have either been convicted of qualifying charge or pleads guilty to a qualifying charge. As a part of sentencing the individual will be placed on the register, by the courts, for a qualifying period based on the severity of the charge and if they have been previously charged for another qualifying offence. Once placed on the register, it will then become the responsibility of the convicted to provide up to date and accurate information. Failure to comply can result in serving further jail time. While on the register the individual will be barred from owning or caring for a pet. Also, it is proposed while on the register the individual will not be allowed to work with the vulnerable, the old, or the young.

Information Access:

Maxine Berry Interview
Maxine Berry being interviewed before submitting justice for chunky petition to DEFRA

As for who can access the information? Brighter Tomorrow, owned in part by Maxine Berry, envision the information being held on a database and when required the information is searched with an indication if the person is on the register. Only those who have a right to the information (sellers and employers) and pays a fee can access it. Nonetheless, Brighter Tomorrow is open to the idea of a public register, like Tennessee, but the government needs to make money to fund it. By limiting access and paying a fee makes the register self-funding. Plus it protects the information held on it. Otherwise it will be no better than the current Animal Welfare Act 2006.

At this stage I hope you are still with me and not sleeping. If you are get a cup of coffee or a hot milky tea. Glad you are back and want to learn more. I realise the above is not the most interesting or exciting; however, it provides important information on the framework and how the register will operate. For those of you who are familiar with the Police National Computer (PNC), maybe asking, why the register if we already have this? There are two fundamental reasons. First the PNC is not accessible to the public. Second the PNC is about holding crime information such as vehicle information and it is meant to solve crimes. Whereas the registry is about providing an additional tool that contains information about the individual, the crime, and sentence. The registry will provide an additional tool and provide accessible information to the public.

Why Change the Animal Welfare Act 2006?

After discussing the foundation of how the register will operate, I am sure the big looming question is why change the Animal Welfare Act 2006? First reason, from what I understand, there is a lack of funding for enforcement. As stated earlier the Animal Welfare Act 2006 covers all animals and can cover invertebrates too. Thereby making it difficult to set priorities, difficult to enforce, and limits funding for enforcement. This means does enforcement focuses on protecting pets, badgers, horses, or pigeons? Where are enforcement officers sent? Who is charged under the Act? It leaves a lot of questions that need to be answer and because of broad focus very difficult to enforce.

Another reason for the register, it provides vital information about those convicted of animal abuse that anyone can access. It also provides a funding mechanism when more information is needed from employers and the general public. Depending on the funding model selected it is possible the register can be self-funding.

dog roaming
dog roaming free.

Third reason for updating the Animal Welfare Act, regards how animals are treated in the Act. In America, for example, there is a growing trend to change the reference from pet owners to pet guardians. This semantic change may seem minor but it is very powerful. A failure of the Animal Welfare Act is animals are treated like property (e.g. X-Box, home computer, stove, etc.) and the shift to guardian means unable to manage own affairs. Changing from owner to guardian allows a necessary change in the law. It allows for tougher sentencing because harm to animal means harm to something that cannot care for itself and not simple property damage.

Next reason for changing Animal Welfare Act 2006 is sentencing is too lax. Maximum sentence is six months and most do not even see jail. The diminishes the serious nature of animal cruelty and make it seem like a “slap on the wrist.”

DEFRA has been asked to review our vision  and has not acted upon it. Stories like Chunky happen on a daily basis and highlights how the Animal Welfare Act 2006 fails our most vulnerable. The registry provides a way forward and offers a route to bring UK in line with other countries that value animals.

The immediate focus is getting the registry along with the appropriate funding for enforcement, changes to sentencing, and change to Animal Welfare Act 2006 to bring about effective change. This is a long and at a point where public support is crucial. I ask our supporters to attend the MPs surgery, write their MP, email their MP, Facebook message them, tweet them, and to do the same for DEFRA.

I am convinced the registry can make a positive and long-lasting change in the UK. The change will mean better lives for everyone. For us to have a better life, with less violence and abuse, comes a very little cost and with minimal disruption. All we need now is continued support from the public and support of our government.


Finally I believe the Animal Welfare Act 2006 has merit and should be retained. Nonetheless, I believe by reforming the Act and focusing on companion animals it can lead to more prosecutions and have a lasting impact on crime reduction.

Thank you for reading and I hope you will support the cause.

We can be found on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/JusticeforChunkyCampaign/

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