FAQs Regarding Shipping, Wholesale, Custom Orders, and Providing Slime for Review


  1. Does Brighter Tomorrow provide slime for review on YouTube?

Brighter Tomorrow is a VAT registered limited company in the United Kingdom that must consider various factors when sending slime for review  and as a result of the requests Brighter Tomorrow receives, Brighter Tomorrow has developed a policy on this topic

2)  How long will it be before I receive my item?

On average, Brighter Tomorrow aims to ship all orders withing 3 working days of receipt. For the UK this will mean, on average, you will receive your order within 7 – 10 days, EU residents on average it will be approximately 10 – 14 days, and elsewhere it can be 2 weeks.

Please note the above are averages and actual times may vary. Customers may experience delays from 4th Thursday in November) through New Years. Finally customers may also experience delays around any scheduled industrial action that Royal Mail may undertake.

3) How does Brighter Tomorrow calculate its shipping charges?

Shipping charge is based on two factors, weight and location. Brighter Tomorrow ships via Royal Mail 48 for UK addresses and Royal Mail International Standard for non-UK addresses.

4) Can I request a faster shipping service?

Brighter Tomorrow for its UK customers provides, at an additional charge, Royal Mail 24 and Royal Mail Next Day by 1 PM. For non-UK customers it is possible to have an expedited shipping service; however, due to the cost Brighter Tomorrow does not offer it. Nonetheless, if you are a non-UK resident that needs their order fast then please contact us for a quote.

5) Does Brighter Tomorrow sell wholesale?

Yes, please contact us with your requirements.

6) Does Brighter Tomorrow accept special orders?

Yes, please contact us with your requirements.

7) Does Brighter Tomorrow have a return policy?

Yes, Brighter Tomorrow does have a return policy. Our policy is 14-day money back guarantee.


FAQs About Slime

silver slime

1) Is Slime Safe?

The two basic ingredients in slime are glue and sodium tetra borate decahydrate, referred to as Borax. Borax in its powder state can cause skin irritation and should never be ingested. Repeated exposure to borax powder, without proper gear to protect breathing, is not recommended and it is not recommended being around borax powder when pregnant.

Next, some slimes offered by Brighter Tomorrow will include scents, glitter, or coloring.

To answer the question, Brighter Tomorrow uses very little Borax in its slime and Brighter Tomorrow also produces Borax Free types of slime. This means provided the use is not sensitive to any of the ingredients, the slime is properly handled, the area including skin is cleaned after use, and the slime is not eaten then slime is very safe.

2) What Type of Slime Do You Offer

On this site, Brighter Tomorrow offers types of slime

  • Fluffy: It may or may not contain borax.
    • Base: Borax or other ingredients depending on the slime
    • Texture: Soft
    • Strech: Tougher to pull and stretch than jiggly slime
    • Sticky: Can be very sticky
  • Jiggly:
    • Base: Borax
    • Texture: soft with a semi-liquid feel.
    • Stretch: Very easy to stretch and knead.
    • Sticky: It is not very sticky
  • Goo
    • Base: Borax
    • Texture: Semi-liquid feel but more fluid feel
    • Stretch: Runner, easy stretches.
    • Sticky: Very sticky

3) Can I order a Customized Slime?

Yes, you can contact us with your specifications and we will provide an estimate for the cost. Since the slime is being made special dispatch time may be longer and cost may be more.

4) Can I have a Recipe for Slime?

Brighter Tomorrow includes a slime recipe with its two slime kits and does not provide slime recipe without purchase.

5) Can Brighter Tomorrow Provide a Slime Sample for Review on YouTube?

Whilst Brighter Tomorrow wants to help every budding YouTube star, it is not possible to provide everyone free slime. If you want to review our slime we ask the following:

  1. At a minimum you have at least 5,000 – 10,000 followers
  2. Brighter Tomorrow is made aware of the content of your review with the right to reject your review
  3. Any positive review includes a link back to Brighter Tomorrow

6) Can I Order Wholesale?

Yes, please contact us by letting us know your requirements including how many of each type of slime and location.  Brighter Tomorrow will then provide an estimate.

7) Can I Get a Discount on My Order?

Depends on a variety of factors such as quantity being order, if you have a membership, and if you are a repeat customer. Members who have a Monthly membership receives automatically receive 5% off and Lifetime members automatically receive 20% off of any purchase. Finally, if your order is more than £50 (excluding shipping) and you do not have a membership contact us. Brighter Tomorrow will consider order discount.

8) How Long Does it Take Before My Order Ships?

Time depends on the size of order and quantity. Generally speaking, Brighter Tomorrow seeks to ship your order within 72 hours and in many cases, it is sooner.

9) After My Order Ships How Long Before I receive it?

Time depends on location. Orders shipped to a UK address will ship via Royal Mail 1st Class Sign For and according to Royal Mail 90% will arrive within 3 working days of being shipped. 

10) Can I Request a Faster Shipping Service?

Yes, please contact us. Please be aware there will be an additional charge and for international orders, the charge can be quite high.

11) Why Are Your Prices Lower Here Than Your Offerings on Amazon, eBay, or Etsy?

If you have bought from us on Amazon, eBay, and Etsy you may be wondering why our prices here are lower? We list many of the same products here with the same shipping times and the same quality on Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. Nonetheless, all three (Amazon, Etsy, and eBay) charge us to list our products and the higher prices on these site reflect the fees being charged. You can get the same prodcuts here but a lower price.


The Zen of Understanding the Animal Abuse Register and the Work of Maxine Berry

winter sunrise

The Zen of Understanding the Animal Abuse Register and the Work of Maxine Berry


justice for chunky logo
justice for chnnky logo


We have just completed the third phase of Justice for Chunky campaign by having the Green Party make the animal abuse register policy Nonetheless Brighter Tomorrow remains committed in having a register that will operate, like sex offender register, it will record individuals convicted of abusing animals and prevent them from owning animals. By having a register, it will keep those convicted from working with animals, owning animals, and prevent them working with vulnerable people.

Why is an animal abuse register necessary?

Mahatma Ghandi said, A nation’s greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members. As a society we need to protect society’s most vulnerable from abuse. Those who abuse animals are more likely to abuse people. By having an animal abuse register it will identify and prevent those who are likely to do harm from being in contact with the most vulnerable. This will lead to a lower incidences of animal abuse in this country and help lower violent crimes against people.

Before placing an individual on the register will an attempt be made to rehabilitate them?

At Brighter Tomorrow, we believe every legally competent adult is responsible for the choice they make and regardless of their background, they should be held accountable for their actions. It is our belief, as society we should have a zero-tolerance towards any form of animal abuse and do not believe a “second chance” approach is justified. Nonetheless, we believe where appropriate and where the individual’s needs meet the objective of a rehabilitation program, they should receive support to improve their life. This means any rehabilitation is done while the individual is on the register instead of in lieu of the register.

Will this campaign push for tougher sentencing of those who abuse animals?

We believe the laws around animal abuse are too lax, especially the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and encourage our supporters to write their MPs to push for tougher sentences for those who abuse animals. As discussions occur about how the register will operate and how to identify individuals who will be placed on the register, it is possible some laws may need to be changed. However, at this stage, asking for tougher sentences is not a part of our vision for the register.


Maxine Berry Interview
Maxine Berry being interviewed before submitting justice for chunky petition to DEFRA

How long will it take before the animal abuse registry becomes law?

We are following a process and it is difficult, at this stage, to predict. The more support we get and the more MPs are contacted the swifter this will become law.

Will Chunky still be a part of the campaign?

As we get updates about Chunky we will post them on Facebook and we will never forget Chunky. However, this campaign is bigger than one animal and it is about protecting all animals. So, yes Chunky will be a part of this campaign but he will not be the only focus.

Can I still sign the Justice for Chunky Petition?

Yes, you can sign it by clicking on the link.

Do you have a Facebook Page?

Yes we do, click on the link.

How is your Facebook Page, Justice for Chunky and Brighter Tomorrow are related?

Justice for Chunky page relates to the campaign. We also have a Brighter Tomorrow page on Facebook Brighter Tomorrow is about our fund raising for the campaign and items we sell from time-to-time. They are the same but two separate components

How do I donate?

We are a business, company number 10721118, created to raise money for the animal abuse register and if you click the Donate button at the bottom of the page you can contribute via PayPal.

Liverpool Albert Docks Sunrise
Liverpool Albert Docks at sunrise

Can I have your contact details?

If you represent a media company, please email us by clicking this link. who will help you get in contact with us.

Can you please help me set-up or run my campaign?

We love having support and those who want to help our cause. Likewise, we love to help those to set-up and run their own campaign. Since we have limited time to help we do charge a small fee for our time. Please click this link and let us know more about your needs.

I have a similar campaign, cause, event or charity that wants you support. Will you help us?

Please email us by clicking this link. When contacting us please include, at a minimum, the following information:

  • Your cause
  • Contact Information including website and email address
  • Information about the cause, campaign, event, or charity
  • When it will occur / How long we will be needed
  • How we can help
  • Amount of time required

Once we have the information, we will review it and contact you with any further questions.

How can I support you?

Currently, the best way to help is to write you MP or write to the editor of your local paper advocating an animal abuse register. Other ways include using your twitter account to tweet your support for our campaign and by following us on Facebook. Finally click the donate button at the bottom of this page.

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Shop to Support Animal Abuse Campaign
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Clear Liquid Glass Slime In 180 ml Container


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10 Things you do not know about the animal abuse register

justice for chunky logo

10 Things you do not know about the animal abuse register


1)      Will the animal abuse register outlaw religious ritual slaughter? No. The animal abuse register will operate within current laws and only place those convicted of violating an identified law on the register. Even if a future government bans religious slaughter, Kosher and Hallah, for example, Maxine and Brian will not advocate those who slaughter animals for religious purpose are placed on the register. Why? To begin with, the register is not about promoting a promoting a political ideology nor is about changing religious practices. Neither Maxine or Brian are familiar enough with Hallah slaughter to comment but knows something about the Jewish slaughter. The Jewish tradition for slaughtering animals, sometimes called shechita, has strict criteria that respects the animal and takes the animal’s welfare into consideration. For the slaughter to be considered Kosher certain conditions must be met, including looking after the welfare of the animal before slaughter and performing the slaughter in the way to bring about immediate death thereby sparing pain. If the conditions are not met, then animal is not considered Kosher. This means for a Kosher slaughter to occur the welfare of the animal must be considered and be done in a way that is that is painless. Finally, religion has a place and to use the register to ban religious ritual slaughter of animals goes against the purpose of the register.

2)      Does promoting the register means you are advocating vegetarianism or veganism? No. We respect individual choices and do not believe the register should go beyond its intended purpose of supporting the current legislative framework nor should it be used to promote an ideology.

3)      Will fox hunting be outlawed? Our vision for the register is based on the law in Tennessee and under the law animals that are considered wild and killed are not included.  Thus, now, we do not foresee fox hunting being covered by the register.

4)      What will the register accomplish? It is our vision an animal abuse register will help to reduce crimes against animals and people. Animals cannot speak for themselves and needs a guardian to speak for them and a register gives animals their voice. Moreover, some who abuse animals will abuse or kill people. This does not mean everyone who abuses an animal will become a murder. Nonetheless, a register can identify those at risk for more violent crimes by providing the necessary support for them and their families. Therefore, the register will be a way of creating a safer and more secure Britain.

5)      What will be considered an animal for the register? Under the Green Party policy, the definition of animal is any animal covered by the Animal Welfare Act 2006 sections 1 – 2 and does not include invertebrate animals. Nonetheless, whilst we accept Green Party definition, our vision is based on the Tennessee model whereby the definition of animal is subdivided into four categories: wild animal, animal, livestock, and service animal. Whereby, sentencing and length on the register is based on the classification of the animal.

meeting chunky
Photography UK

6)      Do you only support rehabilitation of those convicted of animal cruelty? Rehabilitation has a role, especially with juvenile offenders. Currently we are not fully convinced rehabilitation is the only answer and believe longer sentencing with rehabilitation is the answer.

7)      Will juveniles be placed on the register? Our vision, especially for juveniles under the age of 13 years old, we would advocate intervention of social service and the courts to support the family instead of placing a juvenile that young on the register. However, for a juvenile that is at least 13 years old we would support placing a juvenile on the register. Our reasoning, animal cruelty can be a gateway for more heinous crimes. The register provides a tool to track the individual and provide support needed to stop the individual from committing further crimes.

8)      Will everyone convicted of a crime against an animal be on the register for a lifetime? For most people convicted of an animal crime will come off the register and only a few, we anticipate will remain on the register for a lifetime.

9)      Why does Britain need an animal abuse register? Animals are not able to speak for themselves and as their guardians, it is our duty to protect them. Enforcement of the Animal Welfare Act 2006, is severely underfunded and in 2016 there was a 43% drop in animal cruelty conviction from 2014. Even if someone is convicted, under the Animal Welfare Act 2006, the maximum sentence is six months. In answer to the question, animal abuse register provides a mechanism to track those who are convicted of animal abuse and provides a funding mechanism for further prosecution. Finally, the register will provide tougher sentences and provide support for those who are convicted.

10)   Why is the Tennessee model the best? It is the model that has been around the longest and it is the model that is done on a wide scale. It is our belief, people in the UK focus too much on the public listing of names and photos of those convicted. Instead of focusing on the legislation. For Maxine and Brian, it is the legislation and not the public naming of individuals that makes the Tennessee model an ideal model.

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