FAQs Regarding Shipping, Wholesale, Custom Orders, and Providing Slime for Review


  1. Does Brighter Tomorrow provide slime for review on YouTube?

Brighter Tomorrow is a VAT registered limited company in the United Kingdom that must consider various factors when sending slime for review  and as a result of the requests Brighter Tomorrow receives, Brighter Tomorrow has developed a policy on this topic

2)  How long will it be before I receive my item?

On average, Brighter Tomorrow aims to ship all orders withing 3 working days of receipt. For the UK this will mean, on average, you will receive your order within 7 – 10 days, EU residents on average it will be approximately 10 – 14 days, and elsewhere it can be 2 weeks.

Please note the above are averages and actual times may vary. Customers may experience delays from 4th Thursday in November) through New Years. Finally customers may also experience delays around any scheduled industrial action that Royal Mail may undertake.

3) How does Brighter Tomorrow calculate its shipping charges?

Shipping charge is based on two factors, weight and location. Brighter Tomorrow ships via Royal Mail 48 for UK addresses and Royal Mail International Standard for non-UK addresses.

4) Can I request a faster shipping service?

Brighter Tomorrow for its UK customers provides, at an additional charge, Royal Mail 24 and Royal Mail Next Day by 1 PM. For non-UK customers it is possible to have an expedited shipping service; however, due to the cost Brighter Tomorrow does not offer it. Nonetheless, if you are a non-UK resident that needs their order fast then please contact us for a quote.

5) Does Brighter Tomorrow sell wholesale?

Yes, please contact us with your requirements.

6) Does Brighter Tomorrow accept special orders?

Yes, please contact us with your requirements.

7) Does Brighter Tomorrow have a return policy?

Yes, Brighter Tomorrow does have a return policy. Our policy is 14-day money back guarantee.


Brighter Tomorrow Early Black Friday Sale For 2017

Brighter Tomorrow is pleased to announce, in preparation for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Brighter Tomorrow has cut prices on may of its items. Give yourself a chance to experience superior customer service while owning high quality products.  It is a great chance to find deals while saving money. All purchases comes with Brighter Tomorrow 14-day money back guarantee. Finally  if you have not tried Brighter Tomorrow this a great chance to discover what you have been missing.

How to order up until the last minute for Christmas 2017 with Brighter Tomorrow


Below is a table showing when orders should be placed in order to arrive in time for Christmas and Royal Mail has published guidance regarding last day for shipping. Please note certain EU countries have earlier shipping days than other countries.

Brighter Tomorrow can offer expedited shipping services to the United Kingdom via Royal Mail Next Day Service and Royal Mail 24.

International expedited service is available but costly for an order to arrive in less than 5 working.

Please note Brighter Tomorrow recommends orders for Christmas being placed as soon as possible in order to guarantee delivery and the below table is a recommendation based on stated delivery times.

Actual delivery times, during Christmas shipping period will vary and orders placed at or near the last day to place an order, may not arrive.

Finally, when using the table, please note orders should placed by 2 PM UK time on the day that is stated on the table in order to have it ship. If you have any questions please contact Brighter Tomorrow.

Standard Shipping

United Kingdom18 December
EUsee guidance from the Royal Mail order must be received at least 2 days before stated last day to ship.
Outside of the EUsee guidance from the Royal Mail. Order must be received at least 2 days before stated last day to ship

UK (Only) – Expedited: Next Day Saturday Delivery

UK19 December

Expedited Shipping: International (contact Brighter Tomorrow for quote)

Rest of the world15 December

For further information regarding last day to ship please see guidance from the Royal Mail.

Why Buy From Brighter Tomorrow: 10 Things You Did Not Know

Brighter Brighter Tomorrow Limited Logo

Brighter Tomorrow is not your typical online slime shop based in the United Kingdom. It is much more it is about establishing and defining your uniqueness. Below are 10 pieces of information about Brighter Tomorrow that you most likely do not know.

  1. Each order is handmade and made when the order is placed.
  2. Brighter Tomorrow tests and uses customer feedback to determine if an ingredient is quality. If an ingredient is deemed to be below quality standards it is not used.
  3. Off the shelf grocery store food coloring is not used in any of Brighter Tomorrow’s products
  4. Brighter Tomorrow checks each order before it ships to ensure it is up to our standards.
  5. Items ship via Royal Mail. Brighter Tomorrow finds Royal Mail offers a quality and cost effective dependable service.
  6. You know Brighter Tomorrow for its quality slime but did you know Brighter Tomorrow sells other items too?
  7. Brighter Tomorrow does not sell cheap items. Instead Brighter Tomorrow is about you. In particular, providing you with unique items that give you your own signaure that makes you stand out from the crowd.
  8. You may not know this but Brighter Tomorrow will support you from the time you browse to well after you receive your purchase.  Brighter Tomorrow offers a 14 day money back guarantee but also, will work with you regarding any question you may have.
  9. Brighter Tomorrow is about quality. Brighter Tomorrow works hard every day to deliver a quality product to you that helps define who you are.
  10. Most importantly Brighter Tomorrow is about you! By providing you with the best customer service possible you are able to enjoy your time and define who you are.

Ask yourself, who are you and what defines you? Then take a look at our shop and discover a new you.

Discover A New You

The Minimalist Guide to Gift Buying

Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and the holidays can stretch the household budget. Not to mention the time required to shop for the item and buy it. So how do you keep you household budget low while and save time?  Answer is simpler than you think. Buying in volume means you save time and money.

At Brighter Tomorrow we siimplify buying by making it easy to save money and time. When you buy in volume it means the items ship together thereby costing less to ship and all of the items can be made at once, thereby saving the cost of time.

Plus, for you it means having items you can give as gifts, keep for yourself, use for fundraising or share. This can be quite useful during peak demand for gifts. It is entirely up to you what you want to do with your order but the one thing you will do is save money.

If you would to view our shop and to place an order please click on the below button.


How to request special orders from Brighter Tomorrow

Brighter Tomorrow listed products are only one part of the service Brighter Tomorrow offers and we do offer other services too. One service Brighter Tomorrow is able to offer is volume orders and customised orders.

A volume order is more than 10 of the same item that is custom made for the customer. This can be different color slime not listed in our catalog, a volume order of earrings, or it can be, for example, something totally unique. Whereas a customised order is a minimum of 10 items but these items will have something special done to them, such as scent or a different container.

Since the possibilities are infinite, it is not possible to list every possible permutation in Brighter Tomorrow’s catalog. Instead Brighter Tomorrow offers it as a special service and asks you contact us directly. Once the you contact us about your requirement, Brighter Tomorrow then contact you, usually within 48 hours, to discuss further your requirements. After discussing your requirements Brighter Tomorrow will provide you a quote and estimated date your order completed order will ship.



Slime Product Lines

In order to help customers on this site identify different type of slimes and why the include, Brighter Tomorrow has started using product lines for slimes. This guide will provide a brief introduction to the line and how slime is classified.

Casual: These are basic slime that that are either clear or contains one color with no additions.

Examples: Clear, Neon Green

Green Neon Slime in 180m
Green Neon Slime in 180 ml

Red Carpet: Slime with shimmer

Examples: Yellow shimmer slime, Jingle Bell Berry, Cherry

Jingle Berry Shimmering Slime
Jingle Berry Shimmering Slime

Tuxedo: Premium specialty slimes and for UK residents Tuxedo slime comes with a free shipping upgrade to Royal Mail 24 for UK residents.  Royal Mail 24 is similar to Next Day except Royal Mail 24 will not be delivered by a specified time. Instead it can be delivered anytime the next working day.

Examples: Glow in the dark, fluffy slime, Galaxy Slime

Glow In The Dark Slime
Glow In The Dark Slime

Mermaid:  Brighter Tomorrow’s well known Mermaid line. Mermaid slime is simliar to Red Carpet except the color of the slime may change when viewed in different light.

Examples: Mermaid, Magenta Mermaid

Mermaid Slime
Mermaid Slime Borax Base Jiggly in 180 Ml Container

Unicorn: Rainbow colored slime that comes in a multipack with th e multipack containing a minimum of four slimes.

Exmples: Unicorn 6 pack, Unicorn 4 pack

Announcement Regarding Justice for Chunky Petition Delivery 7 November 2017 to Welsh Assembly [video]

Brighter Tomorrow is extremely excited about work on one of its social campaigns, animal abuse registry. Tomorrow, 7 November 2017 Maxine Berry along with her husband, Brian, will deliver the Justice for Chunky petition to the Welsh Assembly at 1 PM. At present, there is just under 603,000 signatures on the petition. Above is a statement from Maxine about delivering the petition tomorrow.

We ask our supporters to show support by attending the event. If you cannot please purchase something from our shop (click below button), write your MP, write the editor of your local paper supporting the registry, or share information from our Facebook page

Brighter Tomorrow has done its part to bring an animal abuse register for the UK, can you please do your part to show your support.

Many Thanks,


Brian and Maxine Berry

Support Us


Brian Berry will speak at BFMS AGM about removing the cancer and defeating the practice of false memory therapy

Do you want to create a stronger Britain? A Britain with a stronger family Brighter Tomorrow is please to announce Brian Berry, Director of Brighter Tomorrow, will be speaking at British False Memory Society’s AGM in April (date to be confirmed).

Brian will be discussing his story of being the spouse of a survivor and his topic will be: How To Defeat The Practice of Regression and False Memory Therapy: 5 Things Mental Health Professionals Do Not Want You to Know.

He will discuss what he has learned from his experience of being a spouse of a false memory survivor and discuss what you can do to help defeat a practice that destroys families. It will be an inspiring talk meant to let families that have been destroyed by false memory therapy they are not a lone and solutions exist.

Keep checking this site for updates and ticket availability to the event.

Support Us

Why Brighter Tomorrow Business DNA Is About Making Lives Better For Families

Maxine Berry Tel Aviv Beach
Brighter Tomorrow is more than selling, high quality unique slime or items to help you relax after a busy day.  At Brighter Tomorrow, we are about making lives better and currently run two social campaigns.

Social Campaign #1 – Justice for Chunky: Animal Abuse Registry for the United Kingdom

Our first campaign has attracted a lot of attention, the animal abuse register for the United Kingdom. Many of you will know Maxine Berry from her Justice for Chunky petition, that has over 600,00 sigantures and from her AAR – Justice for Chunky Facebook page. Maybe you know her from her work with the Green Party in helping them to pass their policy on animal abuse register. If not, then there will be a further chance to meet her on 7 November in Cardiff when she delivers, subject to final confirmation, her Justice for Chunky petition to the Welsh Assembly and Bethan Jenkins.

Social Campaign #2: Protecting Families By Ending False Memory and Regression Therapy

Our second social campaign also led by Maxine. This campaign is more personal. It is about protecting families from being destroyed by unscrupulous mental health professionals through the practice of regression therapy and other similar practices. Creating false memories by manipulating the power relationship that exists between therapist and client. Such manipulation hurts families but also can destroy the individual. Luckily Maxine had the support of her husband Brian that helped her through one of the darkest times of her life but did not leave bad therapy unscarred. Her relationship with her family remains distant and strained.
Many of those who endure regression therapy become victims of the therapist by wrongly believing events, like abuse occurred, when it did not. When a mental health professional uses such techniques they hurt us all and add unnecessary millions to the cost of mental health care. Therefore, at Brighter Tomorrow when we speak about family it is not just something we say but something we live every day. Family is in Brighter Tomorrow’s company’s DNA.