What is Clear Slime?

clear slime against white background
clear slime against white background
clear slime









Clear Slime


Brighter Tomorrow’s clear slime is our most sought after and popular slime. So what makes it so popular? Clear slime is a borax base jelly slime that has a very velvety smooth texture.   Unlike other jelly slimes sold by Brighter Tomorrow, clear slime is a bit different because it has no color, clear slime has no shimmer, and clear slime does not have anything else added to it. Plus Brighter Tomorrow does not add anything to clear sliime to spoil its transparent color. Simply put clear slime is a basic slime like slime is meant to be enjoyed.

So what can you do with clear slime?

  • Gift for a young child
  • Gift for your girlfriend or wife
  • Gift for your husband or boyfriend
  • Fundraising, tombola, or raffle
  • As an employer you can give slime as a way to relieve stress, focus concentration, or give as a motivational gift to say “job well-done.”
  • Use as a distraction aid to stop smoking
  • Use as a toy to interact with your child
  • Share with a friend

Buying Clear Slime

Brighter Tomorrow offers clear slime individually, wholesale, and Brighter Tomorrow can take special requests for clear slime. Once Brighter Tomorrow receives your payment, your clear slime will ship within 3 working days and comes with Brighter Tomorrow’s 14-day money back guarantee.

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Sale – Auction to support campaign

Maxine falls park
Shimmering Rose Gold Sime
Shimmering Rose Gold Slime

Do Not Have Time to Write Your MP but Want to Support Animal Abuse Register Campaign?

Are you wanting to support my campaign the animal abuse register but do not have the time to write? Maybe writing or speaking to your MP is not your thing? Not the worry,  there is a way to show your support. This site has a shop  and an eBay site  At the moment, product choice it is limited to slime and unicorn poop.

What is Slime and Unicorn Poop

purple shimmering slime
purple shimmering slime
unicorn poop slime

Slime is a polymer that is a great stress relieving toy at work because it can keep your hands busy and a great distraction too.

Unicorn poop is just like slime but it is multicolored, typically sold in a group.


Who is Slime and Unicorn Poop Suitable for?


Children should be supervised and we recommend 3 years old and older for it. For kids it is something they will enjoy for hours because slime and unicorn poop is very versatile. It can engage all senses and engage a child’s imagination. What is unique about slime it does not have an upper-age range. For adults its sensory interaction is a great way to relieve stress and I have sold slime to a friend who is giving it to the autistic adult son / daughter.

Slime Use / Storage

Age: 3 years or older. With any toy make sure children are supervised.

Storage: Slime should be stored with the lid on in a cool and dry place.

Use: Use away form heat, as slime can melt when exposed to heat. After use please clean up area, including washing skin with soap and water.

I am working at adding more and different products soon. Once I am able to work through the configuration issues, I will be adding products to sell on this site too. Many thanks for looking and supporting me.


If you are on eBay I am mitzymu4u

Questions Regarding Slime or the Auctions: