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Update 11 October 2017: Brighter Tomorrow has done an initial review of its shipping prices and has lowered prices for UK packages under 2Kg and Brighter Tomorrow’s VAT Registration number: 278 3862 54. Furthermore, Brighter Tomorrow will continue to monitor shipping prices and will continue to examine options for lowering prices for international shipping.

Brighter Tomorrow is currently in the process of reviewing its shipping price structure and is working with the Royal Mail to lower our prices. It is expected within the next 2 – 4 weeks United Kingdom customers should notice a drop in shipping prices. Whilst international customers, including EU customers, may notice a marginal drop. Granted Brighter Tomorrow time-frame is within the next two weeks, it is possible the drop may occur sooner.

Along with the change in shipping prices, Brighter Tomorrow is in the process of becoming VAT registered. This will mean VAT is charged on orders for EU and UK customers. Once VAT registration is completed it will mean, VAT will be charged and it may mean there are changes in prices.

Brighter Tomorrow encourages customers to regularly check this site since the changes will occur with very little notice.

Upcoming Announcement for Animal Abuse Register

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Maxine falls park
Maxine taking a momentary break for a chat at the falls

Announcement & Update

It has been very quiet on the animal abuse register front since the dissolution of Parliament and the general election. The summer holiday break has added to quietness. Plus the media is focusing on Brexit and the divides in the political parties. So attention on the register has slipped a bit and there is not much to report since June.

Nonetheless as it is getting closer to the political party conventions, things are picking up. Brian and myself have been working quietly in the background with a good friend. I am hoping to have to have a big announcement regarding the petition in the next few weeks, maybe as early late September. If it comes to fruition it will be a major step forward for the petition and it will bring us a step closer to the register.

Therefore, I encourage you to check back and watch my Facebook page to look for more updates.


Brighter Tomorrow Begins Sales

Maxine falls park
Maxine falls park
Maxine taking a momentary break for a chat at the falls

Brighter Tomorrow Sales Begins

After a bit of searching we pleased to announce we have found a solution to sell directly on Brighter Tomorrow. It is a very basic solution that will provide a easy check-out for you. I hope you will give us a try.

Current Offering

Currently we are offering slime. Slime is a polymer that is similar to putty toys of yesteryear. It is lightweight, compact, and easy to travel with. Making it a great gift idea.

What Can you do with Slime?

End Smoking and Relieve Stress?

For some it can relieve stress or help someone stop smoking. How? Slime is a great tool for distraction and keeping the hands busy. By keeping hands busy it distracts the mind and gives the hands something to do. Thereby helping to relieve stress and help someone keep their mind off of smoking.

Special Needs or Autistic Child?

For special needs or autistic children, slime allows sensory play. It engages the senses.


Finally for children, it engages their imagination and creativity.

The Future

In the coming weeks we will be expanding our offering and encourage you to give us a try.A reason for sales is to support this campaign and to support any further campaigns we may run.

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