Brighter Tomorrow Statement on the Cat Killer in Greater London

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Brighter Tomorrow has become aware, as many of you, about a cat killer. According to the news article the individual may escalate to vulnerable women and girls.

As a part of Brighter Tomorrow’s social campaign, animal abuse register, Brighter Tomorrow questions if the UK had implemented an animal abuse register with longer prison sentences if this crime would occur and if it did, if it would have been stopped sooner. Also, Brighter Tomorrow further questions the practicality of rehabilitation and question if more information was available sooner would it have stopped the killer.

It is time for politicians and the courts to end the denial about the link between animal abuse and violent crimes. Rehabilitation with light sentences are not the answer. A register with longer sentences is the solution.

Brighter Tomorrow calls on the Conservatives Party and Labour to work together in delivering an animal abuse register that protects our pets along with protecting us.  Other countries like the United States and Switzerland have tougher animal abuse laws. It is time for the United Kingdom to get serious and to stop its lackadaxical approach to animal cruetly.

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Update: Petition Submission

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Yesterday, 7 November 2017, Brian and Maxine Berry traveled via train to Cardiff to deliver the Justice for Chunky to the Welsh petition committee and Bethan Jenkins. Due to the announcement of the death of Carl Sargeant AM, Bethan Jenkins, understandably, did not meet with us but her representative Chad Richard. Our condolences goes out to the family of Carl Sargeant AM.

Before taking the Justice for Chunky petition, a representative from the committee read and felt, semantically it covered Wales and acknowledged it came from However, they did not formally take it. Instead the petition was handed to Chad Richard, a representative of Bethan Jenkins who is reviewing it. Brian and Maxine wait to hear the outcome of the review.

As a result of yesterday’s journey, Brian and Maxine expect the campaign for animal abuse register will split into two parts: one for Wales and the other for a UK wide animal abuse register. Finally Brian and Maxine also see the possibility the campaign might split into four parts: Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and a UK wide campaign.

Once we hear more about the outcome, further updates will be posted.

Questions or comments please contact us. If you wish to support our campaign please consider buying from out store and if you wish to know more about the animal abuse register campaign please visit our Facebook site. Finally if you wish to sign the Justice for Chunky petition, it can be found here.

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Animal Welfare Alert: 2 Pieces of Labour Legislation That Fail Service Animals

remembering dogs that serve
Animal Abuse Register logo
Animal Abuse Register logo

Animal Welfare Alert: 2 Pieces of Labour Legislation That Fail Service Animals

Yesterday, a story quietly broke that was overlooked by the news stations but did make the newspapers. The story involves a middle-age deaf man and his service dog being thrown out of a restaurant in Wimbledon.

On a superficial level, there is nothing news worthy. People go into a restaurant every day with their service animals. So what makes this story newsworthy? The deaf man did nothing wrong besides bringing his service dog with him.

When I read the story it highlighted for me the current issue Britain faces regarding the definition and use of animals. For me, the article again highlights not all animals are equal and some animals are vital for people to contribute to society. Today, I focus on this story today because it highlights the problems with the Animal Welfare Act and the Equality Act.

Animal Welfare Act

To begin with, as many of you who follow me know, I am not a supporter of the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and my followers will know I believe the Animal Welfare Act has many problems. The Animal Welfare Act legislation passed under the last Labour government. However, it is a “one size fits all” approach to animal welfare. In an earlier article, I demonstrated where opportunities lie in a post-Brexit Britain for animal welfare reform and demonstrated Britain lags behind other developed nations when it comes to animal welfare.

Using the above article as an example, how could the Animal Welfare Act be amended to prevent yesterday’s incident from happening. I believe there are two parts to the act for amending. The first is redefining animal as other countries have to differentiate between companion animals, service animals, wild and livestock. By differentiating the types animals I believe it will make it easier to write legislation that protects the rights of the disabled.

By redefining animal, I believe in the Animal Welfare Act further can be made to clarify a business responsibility to a service animal. This can include providing water, ensuring the animal has space and ensuring the animal is safe while on the business property.

Equality Act

Equality Act is another piece of legislation passed by the last Labour government that fails disabled people with service animals. Granted, Equality Act strengthens and harmonizes previous legislation; however, the legislation does not go far enough. In the United States, for example, Americans with Disability Act (ADA) requires businesses to provide access to service animals and to provide the protection required. However, Equality Act is silent on this important issue.

My Vision

Whilst, I do not believe those who do not provide access people with service animals should be placed on the animal abuse register. Nonetheless, I do believe legislating access for service animals is vital and I also believe legislating the business responsibility to the service animal is vital. Furthermore, I believe this article demonstrates dogs, in particular, play a vital function in society by helping those with a disability to become fully contributing members of society. Thereby deserving further protection against harm. By amending the Animal Welfare Act and amending the Equality Act I believe, it will improve animal welfare, further protect the disabled, and help bring about the fundamental change in attitude that is vital for animal abuse register.

Upcoming Announcement for Animal Abuse Register

Animal Abuse Register logo
Maxine falls park
Maxine taking a momentary break for a chat at the falls

Announcement & Update

It has been very quiet on the animal abuse register front since the dissolution of Parliament and the general election. The summer holiday break has added to quietness. Plus the media is focusing on Brexit and the divides in the political parties. So attention on the register has slipped a bit and there is not much to report since June.

Nonetheless as it is getting closer to the political party conventions, things are picking up. Brian and myself have been working quietly in the background with a good friend. I am hoping to have to have a big announcement regarding the petition in the next few weeks, maybe as early late September. If it comes to fruition it will be a major step forward for the petition and it will bring us a step closer to the register.

Therefore, I encourage you to check back and watch my Facebook page to look for more updates.


How Safe is your Dog from Abuse: Does the Animal Abuse Register Matter after 12 May Ransomware Attack?

Maxine falls park
Maxine Berry Interview
Maxine Berry being interviewed before submitting justice for chunky petition to DEFRA

Open Letter to MPs: Animal Abuse Register Can Make Us All Feel Less Vulnerable

The recent ransomware attack on many United Kingdom and world businesses reminded each of us how vulnerable we are. The attack hits us at our core. Reminding us we vulnerable and a lot must be done to make us safer. In the coming days after the general election I am sure MP will begin drafting legislation to address specific vulnerabilities.

Whilst the recent ransomware attack made all of feel vulnerable, it is important no to remember there are many in the United Kingdom who feel the need for justice. The need for justice does not just lie in the recent attack but also in the need for animal abuse register. Animal abuse makes us feel helpless and it shows the worst society has to offer. Many people wrongly believe those who abuse animals do not have an impact on them. They are wrong. Some who abuse animals will go on to harm people. Looking at recent information:

  • Recent Telegraph article suggests violent crime costs the UK economy £124 billion
  • According to the ONS in the year ending December 2016 there were 358,786 recorded crimes crimes against person in England and Wales that were domestic abuse related in 2016
  • Violent crime up 24% in 2016 (Guardian Article)

Preventing Senseless Violence

By addressing animal abuse you are also addressing another issue and that issue is senseless violence. It is violence that occurs because there is no animal abuse register. Based on statistics from 2016, it appears violent crimes cost the economy a staggering £124 billion to the economy and statistics show the problem is not getting better.

So where does the solution lie? The solution already exists. Having an animal abuse register means individuals who are convicted of violence against an animal are put on a register. This is will help to provide, where appropriate, help for them and in cases of juveniles help for their family. It will also mean savings for the economy because a segment of the criminal population will be on a register. This could provide information to the police to help solve further crimes.

Our Supporters

During this time it is easy to lose sight of what matters to voters and focus on the story that grabs the most attention in the media. The Justice for Chunky campaign has nearly 600,000 with the vast majority of signatures coming from the United Kingdom. From what we can analyse, from various sources, it appears most of our supporters

  • are in the 35 – 65 age range, with most in the 45 – 55 age range. However we do have some support from the 18-25 age group.
  • comes from middle-class to upper-middle class background
  • primarily women (65% women – 35% men), though varies
  • come from all political parties but appear to favour more moderate political ideology that also favours longer sentences
  • primarily not vegan and primarily not vegetarian

Since 12 May

After publication of this article both London and Manchester have experienced terrorist attacks. Public safety and national security need to be at the forefront of any government policy. Nonetheless, everyday issues such as the need for an animal abuse register cannot be forgotten. Having an animal abuse register is one way we all can feel a bit more secure. An animal abuse register may provide another route for identifying potential terrorist and potentially identify those who can do us harm. Whilst the animal abuse register may not be a priority, at this moment, it is still a way we (as a nation) can make Britain safer.


Therefore, while the ransomware attack demonstrates the need for security. Nonetheless, we cannot lose sight of something more personal the need for each one of us to feel safe. One way all of us can feel more secure is knowing there is animal abuse register that provides longer sentences for those who abuse animals. It can provide a way to address the rising cost of crime and be self-sustaining. As the general election gets closer it is important to remember our supporters are in the groups that vote and it is important to remember what matters most is an animal abuse register that provides longer sentences for those who abuse animals.

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