Playing with Slime:

Playing with slime is a great “sensory toy.” Sensory toys help children understand all five senses: touch, smell, taste, see, and hear. By using toys children understand and learn about the world around them. Slime can help engage a child’s creativity and desire to explore.

Messy Play Without the Mess

Children love to get messy by jumping in puddles, playing in mud, and throw spaghetti against the wall. When a child engages in messy play it helps them learn about textures, distances, human reactions, and sensory input.

However, for a parent, it is something that needs some controlling since cleaning up messy play can involve a lot of work. Luckily with Slime, it can allow a child to throw, it drop it, and make mud pies from it. As a parent, Slime is easy to clean-up and it does not leave a mess.

Interact with your child

Slime allows children the ability to explore but at the same slime can be used in a structured activity. Since slime is a solid with liquid characteristics parents or educators can give the child age appropriate tools to use. As the child uses the tools they can be asked questions or the adult can interact with the child by playing with the Slime.

Autistic and Special Needs Children:

Slime is a great way for an autistic child to have quiet play where all their senses can be stimulated. The unique characteristics of Slime allows easy cleaning.

Calming and Stress Relieving:

Since slime is not just for children. Slime is extremely resistant and thick gelatin like substance. Making it ideal to provide a great deal of deep pressure and joint compression.

From talking with our customers Brighter Tomorrow is finding some adults are buying slime as a way to manage their anxiety.

Brighter Tomorrow believes slime can be a stress relieving aid. The stress relieving properties, Brighter Tomorrow believes, occurs when you squeeze, fold, roll, and even pull the slime, you are distracting your mind thereby helping you to relax. By stimulating touch, sight, and movement areas of your brain you may begin to feel everything is okay allowing yourself to relax.

Inexpensive Gift Idea, Tombola or Raffle

Slime is an excellent gift

  • It is inexpensive
  • Comes in many varieties
  • It can be bought any time of the year

Maybe you are thinking about a work colleague, or buying it for the office. Slime is a great gift to give as a stress relieving aid.

Do you have an upcoming tombola or raffle? Slime makes a great inexpensive item for fundraising.

If you not thinking about a work colleague, may you know someone who is trying to quit smoking and needs something to keep their hands busy instead of a cigarette or an e-cigarette?