Who likes saving money?

Whether you are an individual or business Brighter Tomorrow has a way for you to obtain a discount on your purchase from us. There are three ways you can save:

1) Joining Brighter Tomorrow

By joining Brighter Tomorrow there is no minimum purchase to receive your discount and as long as you keep your membership current the discount applies everytime you use it.

Brighter Tomorrow offers membership to this site, which allows access to our blogs along with discounts on purchases made from this site. Depending on the level of membership selected you may also receive discount from our shop that sells on other sites: Etsy and eBay.

Membership Cost

Membership Length Re-occurring Charge? Cost
Bargain – 1 day access 1 day No £3.99
Basic 1 Month Monthly, Until Cancelled £1.99 then £0.99 / month
Premium 1 Year Yearly, Until Cancelled £12.00 / year
Elite Lifetime No £99.00

Membership Discount

Site: Brightertomorrow.info Etsy (BrighterTomorrowShop)
eBay (mitzymu4u)
Bargain 3% off – Only During Membership Not Available Not Available
Basic 5% off 10% off Not Available
Premium 10% off 10% off Not Available
Elite 20% off 10% off  10% off (contact us for discount)

2) Buying in Volume

Another way of saving money is by buying in volume.  Brighter Tomorrow makes it easy by buying at least 3 of the same item and automatically receive a discount on the price of that item. Please note the discount only applies to the item and does not include the discount being applied to shipping. Also please note, this is per item disccount and not total basket discount. For example if you buy 3 Galaxy Slimes and 1 Black Shimmering then you will receive 3% off of your Galaxy slime with no discount being applied to your Black Shimmering Purchase.

Minimum Quantity Discount Received
3 3%
5 5%
10 7.5%
15 8%
20 10%
35 15%
50 17.5%
100 20%
500 + 30%

3) Wholesale Lots

Currently Brighter Tomorrow offers wholesale lots of 10 of some of our more popular slimes at a discounted price. Our current offering includes: 

Liquid Glass

Shimmering Black

Shimmering Cherry

Magenta Mermaid 


4) Contact Us

If you are:

  • Returning Customer who has made a few purchases from us
  • Looking to buy at least £250 (excluding shipping)
  • Looking to buy from us on a regular basis

Please contact us using the below form or call us on 44 (0) 7864651070 to see what Brighter Tomorrow can do for you.