What is Clear Slime?

clear slime against white background
clear slime against white background
clear slime









Clear Slime


Brighter Tomorrow’s clear slime is our most sought after and popular slime. So what makes it so popular? Clear slime is a borax base jelly slime that has a very velvety smooth texture.   Unlike other jelly slimes sold by Brighter Tomorrow, clear slime is a bit different because it has no color, clear slime has no shimmer, and clear slime does not have anything else added to it. Plus Brighter Tomorrow does not add anything to clear sliime to spoil its transparent color. Simply put clear slime is a basic slime like slime is meant to be enjoyed.

So what can you do with clear slime?

  • Gift for a young child
  • Gift for your girlfriend or wife
  • Gift for your husband or boyfriend
  • Fundraising, tombola, or raffle
  • As an employer you can give slime as a way to relieve stress, focus concentration, or give as a motivational gift to say “job well-done.”
  • Use as a distraction aid to stop smoking
  • Use as a toy to interact with your child
  • Share with a friend

Buying Clear Slime

Brighter Tomorrow offers clear slime individually, wholesale, and Brighter Tomorrow can take special requests for clear slime. Once Brighter Tomorrow receives your payment, your clear slime will ship within 3 working days and comes with Brighter Tomorrow’s 14-day money back guarantee.

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How to order up until the last minute for Christmas 2017 with Brighter Tomorrow

Brighter Tomorrow can offer expedited shipping services to the United Kingdom via Royal Mail Next Day Service. International expedited service is available but costly for an order to arrive in less than 5 working.

Below is a table showing when orders should be placed in order to arrive in time for Christmas. Please note Brighter Tomorrow recommends orders for Christmas being placed as soon as possible in order to guarantee delivery and the below table is a recommendation based on stated delivery times. Actual delivery times, during Christmas shipping period will vary and orders placed at or near the last day to place an order, may not arrive.

Finally, when using the table, please note orders should placed by 2 PM UK time on the day that is stated on the table in order to have it ship. If you have any questions please contact Brighter Tomorrow.

Standard Shipping

United Kingdom20 December
EU15 December
Outside of the EU12 December

UK (Only) – Expedited: Next Day Saturday Delivery

UK21 December

Expedited Shipping: International (contact Brighter Tomorrow for quote)

Rest of the world20 December

Why Buy From Brighter Tomorrow: 10 Things You Did Not Know

Brighter Brighter Tomorrow Limited Logo

Brighter Tomorrow is not your typical online slime shop based in the United Kingdom. It is much more it is about establishing and defining your uniqueness. Below are 10 pieces of information about Brighter Tomorrow that you most likely do not know.

  1. Each order is handmade and made when the order is placed.
  2. Brighter Tomorrow tests and uses customer feedback to determine if an ingredient is quality. If an ingredient is deemed to be below quality standards it is not used.
  3. Off the shelf grocery store food coloring is not used in any of Brighter Tomorrow’s products
  4. Brighter Tomorrow checks each order before it ships to ensure it is up to our standards.
  5. Items ship via Royal Mail. Brighter Tomorrow finds Royal Mail offers a quality and cost effective dependable service.
  6. You know Brighter Tomorrow for its quality slime but did you know Brighter Tomorrow sells other items too?
  7. Brighter Tomorrow does not sell cheap items. Instead Brighter Tomorrow is about you. In particular, providing you with unique items that give you your own signaure that makes you stand out from the crowd.
  8. You may not know this but Brighter Tomorrow will support you from the time you browse to well after you receive your purchase.  Brighter Tomorrow offers a 14 day money back guarantee but also, will work with you regarding any question you may have.
  9. Brighter Tomorrow is about quality. Brighter Tomorrow works hard every day to deliver a quality product to you that helps define who you are.
  10. Most importantly Brighter Tomorrow is about you! By providing you with the best customer service possible you are able to enjoy your time and define who you are.

Ask yourself, who are you and what defines you? Then take a look at our shop and discover a new you.

Discover A New You

The Minimalist Guide to Gift Buying

Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and the holidays can stretch the household budget. Not to mention the time required to shop for the item and buy it. So how do you keep you household budget low while and save time?  Answer is simpler than you think. Buying in volume means you save time and money.

At Brighter Tomorrow we siimplify buying by making it easy to save money and time. When you buy in volume it means the items ship together thereby costing less to ship and all of the items can be made at once, thereby saving the cost of time.

Plus, for you it means having items you can give as gifts, keep for yourself, use for fundraising or share. This can be quite useful during peak demand for gifts. It is entirely up to you what you want to do with your order but the one thing you will do is save money.

If you would to view our shop and to place an order please click on the below button.


How to request special orders from Brighter Tomorrow

Brighter Tomorrow listed products are only one part of the service Brighter Tomorrow offers and we do offer other services too. One service Brighter Tomorrow is able to offer is volume orders and customised orders.

A volume order is more than 10 of the same item that is custom made for the customer. This can be different color slime not listed in our catalog, a volume order of earrings, or it can be, for example, something totally unique. Whereas a customised order is a minimum of 10 items but these items will have something special done to them, such as scent or a different container.

Since the possibilities are infinite, it is not possible to list every possible permutation in Brighter Tomorrow’s catalog. Instead Brighter Tomorrow offers it as a special service and asks you contact us directly. Once the you contact us about your requirement, Brighter Tomorrow then contact you, usually within 48 hours, to discuss further your requirements. After discussing your requirements Brighter Tomorrow will provide you a quote and estimated date your order completed order will ship.



Upcoming Changes to Shipping and Prices

Brighter Brighter Tomorrow Limited Logo
Creative Commmons Collecting Royal Mail
Collecting Royal Mail – Wikkimedia Commons Mary and Angus Hogg

Update 11 October 2017: Brighter Tomorrow has done an initial review of its shipping prices and has lowered prices for UK packages under 2Kg and Brighter Tomorrow’s VAT Registration number: 278 3862 54. Furthermore, Brighter Tomorrow will continue to monitor shipping prices and will continue to examine options for lowering prices for international shipping.

Brighter Tomorrow is currently in the process of reviewing its shipping price structure and is working with the Royal Mail to lower our prices. It is expected within the next 2 – 4 weeks United Kingdom customers should notice a drop in shipping prices. Whilst international customers, including EU customers, may notice a marginal drop. Granted Brighter Tomorrow time-frame is within the next two weeks, it is possible the drop may occur sooner.

Along with the change in shipping prices, Brighter Tomorrow is in the process of becoming VAT registered. This will mean VAT is charged on orders for EU and UK customers. Once VAT registration is completed it will mean, VAT will be charged and it may mean there are changes in prices.

Brighter Tomorrow encourages customers to regularly check this site since the changes will occur with very little notice.

10 Big Reasons To Buy From Brighter Tomorrow

Maxine Berry Tel Aviv Beach

Why buy from Brighter Tomorrow?

1) Brighter Tomorrow Is A UK Registered Limited Business

Being a registered business may not seem like a big deal, but it is..

To begin with, Brighter Tomorrow Limited is a limited company registered in the United Kingdom. As a registered company, Brighter Tomorrow must follow all UK relevant laws.  This means, for example under the Sales of Goods Act anything sold must be fit for purpose and under other UK consumer protection laws your purchase comes with a 14 day right to change your mind.

Whereas if you buy from China, for example, you have fewer consumer laws protecting your purchase and you will have to fight to try to get your money back. Likewise, if you buy you slime from someone who is doing it as a hobby, like on eBay, Etsy, or other sites to make some money, then the seller may be oblivious to the rules regarding selling. Contacting a hobbyist seller and trying to resolve an issue might be a nightmare.

To get the best possible slime product it is best to by from a UK limited company

2) Customer Service

At Brighter Tomorrow we see every customer as family. You are family from the moment arrive and you remain a part of Brighter Tomorrow’s family well after the sale. If you have a question or your order is not right, Brighter Tomorrow will work with you in resolving the issue. We will continue working with you until you are satisfied. In order to prevent you from worrying, we provide several ways to contact us and in most cases we will respond within 1 – 2 working days, usually less.

3) Our products Are Quality Commercial Toy Grade Not Pound Store

Brighter Tomorrow only uses commercial cosmetic grade coloring in its slime, commercial grade borax, and commercial grade glitter. We do not use school brand glue and we do not buy our materials from a local pound store. This means our slime is of the highest quality and we have a process that produces consistent results.

4)  We Do Not Inflate Our Prices Because Brighter Tomorrow Provides Slime Not Gimmicks

To get you to buy their product some slime sellers includes “gimmicks” or “extras.” This means for them to cover the cost they need to keep their prices high and because their shipping weight is higher it means they have to charge more for shipping.

At Brighter Tomorrow we do not focus on cheesy gimmicks to get you to buy our product. Instead we focus one thing, making the best possible quality slime that you will enjoy.

5) Our Slime Is Made When  You Place Your Order

To provide you with an amazing and consistent quality slime that you will enjoy, Brighter Tomorrow makes your slime only after you place your order. This ensures your slime is fresh and does not dry-out from sitting too long.

6) Quick Shipping Times

Brighter Tomorrow prides itself on it fast shipping times. At Brighter Tomorrow we strive to ship your order within 72 hours of receiving it and once shipped most orders arrive within 5 working days (excluding weekends and bank holidays) for UK residents. Depending on location, most orders will arrive within 5 – 10 workings days after shipping.

For faster shipping times, Brighter Tomorrow can, at an additional charge, provide next working day delivery for UK residents and for international customers Brighter Tomorrow can either provide track or track and sign for at an additonal charge. 

7) Trust Us

At Brighter Tomorrow we look at forging relationships with our customers because we know trust is everything. To keep your trust, Brighter Tomorrow has implemented a Privacy Policy that guarantees your information is not sold to 3rd Parties. Also Brighter Tomorrow has implemented a social site login for purchasing and using trusted payment gateways (e.g. PayPal, Stripe, and Amazon) to provide a secure payment route. 

8) A Limited Company That is Fighting For An Animal Abuse Registry

Unlike many other UK businesses and UK hobbyists that sell slime, Brighter Tomorrow is owned by Maxine Berry. Maxine Berry is known for her tireless work in obtaining over 600,000 signatures, with over 90% of the signatures coming from the UK to bring about an animal abuse registry to the United Kingdom.  She is also known for her work, along with her husband Brian, for their work with Green Party in bringing about an animal abuse register policy.

9) A Limited Company That is Fighting To Protect Families From Abhorrent Mental Health Professionals That Practice False Memory Therapy

Brian and Maxine Berry are also known for the advocacy work regarding ending the practice of false memory therapy. False memory therapy, which can include hypnosis and regression therapy, destroys lives and destroys families. Worst it cost taxpayers, including British taxpayers, millions each year. By ending the practice it will save the NHS money and create a more secure country by keeping families intact. 

10) Quality Product Instead of Gimmicks

Some slime sellers believe the way to attrack customers is by using gimmicks by writing inspirational messages or trying to identify their product with brand names. Instead of using cheap gimmicks that may mask poor customer service and higher prices, Brighter Tomorrow believes on focusing on making our customers happy and delivering a high quality product. At Brighter Tomorrow we want you to be happy and return. 




How To Buy Wholesale And Save Money From Brighter Tomorrow

Maxine Berry Tel Aviv Beach

Discount Coupon Codes Are Over

Lets be honest who likes writing down coupon codes and then entering them only to find the code is not longer valid? At Brighter Tomorrow we realise coupon codes are a wate of time and you can lose out on a discount that you deserve.

Why should you lose your discount because forget the code or wrote it down wrong? Instead of using coupons, Brighter Tomorrow automatically applies discounts for buying multiple items of the same item. Thereby saving you valuable time when checking out and making your shopping as

Brighter Tomorrow has a better solution. Instead of using coupon codes, Brighter Tomorrow automatically applies discounts for buying multiple items of the same item. Thereby getting you the discount that you deserve.

Discounts are based on the following table and are subject to change without notice.

Minimum Quantity Discount Received
 3 3%
 5 5%
 15 8%
 500 +30%

The above table is based on the quantity of each type of each item being purchased and not the total number of items in your cart.

So how does the discount work. For example, if you buy 35 shimmering yellow and 15 shimmering black, you will receive 15% off on your yellow and 8% the cost of your black shimmering instead of receiving 17.5% off your total order.

If you are buying at least 10 items or a total weight of more than 2 Kg, then Brighter Tomorrow asks that you contact us directly.  This will help Brighter Tomorrow expedite your order and it can help Brighter Tomorrow get the best shipping price for you.

Depending on the purchase and location of the buyer, it may take more than our 72 hours turn around to ship the item.

Save Money With Wholesale Lots

Currently Brighter Tomorrow also offer wholesale lots of 10 for some our beautiful and amazing slime and some even comes with free shipping to UK addresses. By selling a wholesale lot it means, you are saving money per item. Wholesale lots are a great choice if you looking to sell them as a part of fundraiser, give as gifts, or have a few spare slime.  Whatever your reason a wholesale lot means


Any questions please use the below form.





How To Use Color to Make An Exquisite Slime

Mermaid Slime

How To Use Color To Make An Exquisite Jiggly Slime?

At its core, jiggly slime is nothing more than glue, water, and borax. There is nothing complicated and anyone can mix the three ingredients to produce a marvelous wobbly gelatin like product. The challenge lies in bringing the slime to life and making your slime something others want?

The answer is simple, add color. Adding color is an extension of your personality. It can express your mood, something about you, and it can express something about your product. If you are selling slime then picking the right color and more importantly the right hue is very important. 

To demonstrate the above let us take a look at an example, pink. Not to sound sexist, the color pink tends to associated with feminity and it tends to be a color associated with being a girl. From another perspective, color psychology, pink is seen as being calming and vulnerability. At Brighter Tomorrow we offer a few pink slimes but find one tends to be the most popular hue of pink, can you guess which one? 

Pink Slime on black background
Pink Slime in 180 ml Container: Ideal for Stress Relief and Makes a Great Gift
Pink Slime White Background
Pink Slime in 180 ml Container: Ideal for Stress Relief or Makes Great Gift
pink florescent slime
pink florescent slime
unicorn poop slime










How To Fix 9 Common Issues with Borax Base Jiggly Slime

silver and gold slime


Mermaid slime
Perfectly made mermaid slime being poured out

How To Fix 9 Common Issues with Borax Base Jiggly Slime

Sometime the best intentions can go wrong with making slime and this guide is to help some correct some of the issues. Using our vast experience of making thousand slimes of different kinds Brighter Tomorrow is please to put together this guide for slime enthusiasts. Hopefully this guide will generate love and excitement for making slime. 

1) Slime is Runnier Than Expected

This is most likely due to at least one of three potential explanations:.

  • You added too much water. It is important to use a measuring cup that is clearly marked when measuring liquids and only add the required water.
  • You did not add enough glue. Glue is what gives slime it consistency and not enough glue will give you runny slime.
  • Not enough borax was added. Borax reacts with the glue to give slime its jiggly texture. Not enough borax will produce a very runny, nearly liquid slime.

2) When mixing slime it is runny in parts and clumpy in other parts

This is a process issue. You need to review your process and how you are making slime. Most likely the recipe is correct; however the issue is the steps you are taking or less likely it is the quality of your ingredients. A few possible reasons can include:

  • Water needs to be warm enough to dissolve the glue and borax. If water is not warm enough, then either the glue only will partially dissolve or the borax will not dissolve completely. This can lead to issues.
  • If you are making multiple batches and this happens after the first batch that went well. Then it is likely you have not thoroughly cleaned it enough.You will need to ensure all extra glue is removed and there is no borax residue.
  • You poured your mixture too soon. Ideall your slime takes one – two minutes to form.

liquid glass slime
liquid glass slime

3) Air bubbles in mixture

Air bubbles are harmless and does not impact you to use slime. If you get air bubbles the best thing is to do is to let the slime cool uncovered. This will allow the slime to cool and the air to escape. 

4) When slime cools mixture is runnier than expected

One of three possible resons:

  • Added too much water
  • Added not enough borax
  • Did not thorough mix the borax and glue
  • Did not thoroughly clean your slime materials you use for mixing the glue and borax.

5) Color and / or glitter separates from slime

Remember slime is a chemical that operates on the priciples of soluability and gravity like any other chemical. This regularly happens when slime is shipped or sits for a while.  The fix is simple take the slime out and knead it for a few minutes. This will mix any color or glitter that has separated. 

6) White chunks appear in slime after sitting a while

Sometimes if slime sits for a bit some of the borax will separate and white blobs will appear in the slime, especially in lightly colored slime like pink. This is most likely some of the borax separating and it can be easily resolved by kneading the slime for about 1 – 2 minutes to mix it again.

7) Slime is tough after sitting a while

When slime sits it can get a bit tough and loose some of its elasticity. Best option here is to mix it by kneading it for 1 – 2 minutes or use slime reviver

8) Slime Moulds

Remember slime has water.  Jiggly / jelly and goo slimes are very prone to this issuebecause of their high water content. This does not mean other slimes like fluffy are not prone to moulding but it may mean the chance is less. It is therefore important to correctly store your slime by storing it covered in a dry cool area. If you leave it uncovered or in a moist area such as the kitchen, bathroom, or any area prone to moisture then there is a chance it will mold.

9) Colour Stains

This can be a very common issue with food color, especially red. To fix this issue you will need to review your recipe and your process.

If you are using a water based dye but you use oil (e.g. shaving cream, lotion) base products in your recipe then the oil base product(s) may be a part of the issue.  Next look at how you mix the colour. Do you spend time making sure the color is fully mixed or do you just do enough mixing to get the color in to the product? It is important to ensure the color is fully mixed. Finally try different types of coloring beyond food coloring. Granted food coloring is readily available and it is cheap; however food coloring is notorious for staining. However other types of coloring like baking paste colors might provide a better result.

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