Brighter Tomorrow BT-UP-01 Slime Unicorn Poop 4 x 180 ml Containers Jiggly Borax


unicorn poop
Unicorn poop

Unicorn Poop Slime is a unique type of slime. It is sold in a lot of 4 with various colours from the rainbow. This type of slime is meant for sharing and enjoying with your friends. Also it provides you with a supply of slime so as one wears out you have another slime.

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unicorn poop
Unicorn poop

What is Unicorn Poop?

Unicorn Poop is a unique line of slime whereby multiple slime is offered together, typically colours from the rainbow and sold together as a lot.

This means you can keep some for yourself, give some to friends, or give as gifts.  In essence, the purpose of Unicorn Poop Slime is for sharing and enjoying.

What do you get with your purchase?

In this purchase you will receive 4 x 180 ml container of Unicorn Poop, which is a borax based jiggly type of lime, shipped to your address. Actual colours provided may vary from photograph.



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