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Galaxy Slime

What Galaxy Slime?

Your reading this description and it may mean, it is taking you back to your childhood. When you thought carelessly about visiting outer-space or discovering a planet. Maybe you wanted to go to space camp and live out our dream of being an astronaut. Whatever the reason, Galaxy slime is one of a kind. It can be rolled, stretched, or pulled. Best yet, Galaxy Slime can go almost anywhere and it is easy to clean-up. It colours are relaxing and it texture is soothing. Slime is great for stress relief. So buy yourself something different and buy some slime today.

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What is Galaxy Slime?

What is Galaxy Slime 180ml? Galaxy Slime is polymer that stretches and returns to its natural shape. It acts very much acts and feels like putty from yesteryear. However, slime is a bit different than putty. Slime has a spongy and slightly sticky texture. Almost feels a bit cool to the touch. Slime can stay fresh with a bit of water and baby oil. Thereby lasting and providing more hours of enjoyment.

As for colouring we only use only safe food colouring or safe cosmetic grade colours

Benefits of Playing with Galaxy Slime:

Playing with Slime:

Playing with slime is a great “sensory toy.” Sensory toys help children understand all five senses: touch, smell, taste, see, and hear. By using toys children understand and learn about the world around them. Slime can help engage a child’s creativity and desire to explore.

Messy Play Without the Mess

Remember being a child. How you love to get messy by jumping in puddles, playing in mud, and throw spaghetti against the wall. When a child engages in messy play it helps them learn about textures, distances, human reactions, and sensory input. As an adult remembering fond childhood memories can be calming and stress relieving. Slime, can allow a messy play without the mess and return you to a a carefree time.

Calming and Stress Relieving:

Since slime is not just for children. It is extremely resistant and thick it provides a great deal of deep pressure and joint compression. As you squeeze, fold, roll, and even pull the slime, you are distracting your mind and helping to relax. By stimulating touch, sight, and movement areas of your brain you may begin to feel everything is okay, thereby beginning to relax.

Inexpensive Gift Idea, Tombola or Raffle

Slime is an excellent gift to give to a child. It is inexpensive and will last. 

Maybe you are thinking about a work colleague, or buying it for the office. Slime is a great gift to give as a stress relieving aid.

Do you have an upcoming tombola or raffle? Slime makes a great inexpensive item for fundraising.

If you not thinking about a work colleague, may you know someone who is trying to quit smoking and needs something to keep their hands busy instead of a cigarette or an e-cigarette?

What is included with this purchase?


With this purchase, you will receive one 180 ml container (in volume) of Galaxy Slime. Shipped to your address.  Please note colour of photograph may vary than actual slime received and some settling during shipping may occur. Shipping weight listed in auction is approximate weight.


We ship Royal Mail 1st Class Signed For to ensure you order arrives to you as quickly as possible and the least cost possible. Nonetheless since this item is nearly twice the size in volume than earlier offerings the weight Is more and this is resulting in a higher shipping charge.

Multiple Items

Brighter Tomorrow ships relatively quickly. If you are purchasing more than one item, please contact us.

Slime Manufacturing:

This slime is made in my home in a clean and safe environment.

Using and Storing Slime:

  • Revive old slime that has dried out with a little bit of baby oil and some water.
  • When the slime hasn’t not been played with for a while it becomes sticky, the longer you play the less sticky it becomes.
  • When using slime keep away from pets
  • Keep away from heat when using
  • We recommend supervising children when using slime
  • After using slime wash any areas, including skin, with mild soap and warm water.
  • Store in a cool and dry area with the lid on. Storing in a heated, warm area, will cause slime to melt.
  • Since this is a “rainbow,” multi-colour slime colours will mix during use causing slime to change colour.

What do you have to lose?

Slime is inexpensive, easy to take almost anywhere, and provides hours of enjoyment. If you are looking to stop smoking, then Slime might be thing item helps you quit. So, give it a try and if you like it recommend it to your friends.

PayPal For Payment

To protect you, we only use PayPal and Stripe

Using Slime (Please Read Terms of Service before Buying):

  • Actual colour of item may vary from photograph since each batch is made separately and some settling may occur during shipping
  • Item will ship once it clears payment gateway (PayPal or Stripe). Typically, this is 3 days UK and 7 days internationally. For UK shipments, I use Royal Mail 1st class. Typically, 90% of items shipped via this route will be delivered within 3 working days but per Royal Mail 15 working days since shipping needs to elapse before the item is considered “lost.”
  • Item is in the United Kingdom and shipping prices varies by international location. Since international shipping prices varies by location, I am not able to offer a flat rate for international shipping and I will charge via location. Time to ship will take longer since the item must clear customs and it is dependent on the shipping company being used in your country. For international shipping please be aware, price only includes the item listed and shipping from the UK. It does not include any taxes, fees, customs, or shipping charges your country may charge you. I will not state on the custom form the item is a gift.
  • Slime is a toy that is for entertainment. It is NOT edible. DO NOT EAT!
  • Supervise children or adults with special needs when using
  • If exposed to heat slime can melt. Please keep away from heat. Do not use for cooking and do not cook slime. Once done using please store in cool dry place with the lid on it.
  • After using please clean all exposed areas including skin and any areas where food may come into contact
  • Do not use if you are or believe you are allergic to any of the ingredients used to make Slime
  • Even though the product does not require nut oil to make, it is possible the product has trace amount of nut oil. 
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Company number: 10721118


Additional information

180 ml container

Item is shipped in a 180 ml volume container.

borax slime

slime made with borax


multi-colour slime


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