BT-PS-01 New Slime Pink Soft Jiggly Borax 180 ml Container from Brighter Tomorrow


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Pink Slime in 180 ml Container: Ideal for Stress Relief and Makes a Great Gift

This is a soft, calming and relaxing jiggly borax base Pink Slime that comes in 180 ml container. Making it ideal for: stress relief, quitting smoking, a distraction aid to help improve concentration or a great gift.  Act now and discover what you have been missing.

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What is Pink Slime?

At Brighter Tomorrow each order is individually made giving it the attention it deserves. This Pink Slime is a polymer that stretches and returns to its natural shape that feels like gelatin. This slime is very soft possessing a spongy though slightly sticky texture. Its pink colour along with its texture can be very calming and reassuring.

So what can you use Pink Slime for?

Slime is a great distraction tool by keeping your hands busy. By keeping your hands busy it can be a great distraction for those who are trying to quit smoking or trying to relieve stress. For autistic or special needs children it is a great sensory play toy engaging all five senses. Likewise for children it is a wonderful toy for exploration and creative play. Slime is stretchable, modifiable, and can become anything your mind believes it to be. Finally the size makes and weight makes it easy to take anywhere. It can fit in almost anything!

What do you get with your purchase?

In this purchase you will receive 1x 180 ml container of Pink Slime. Shipped to your address.


Ideally slime is suitable for children 3+ years and a great purchase for adults. It is our recommendation to supervise children when using slime.


We take PayPal and will only ship to the address provided by PayPal. Please ensure address is correct


Since slime is a putty like substance that should be kept away form heat and not eaten. When done clean all areas exposed, Finally when storing slime, cover it and keep in a cool place.


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