Brighter Tomorrow Red Carpet BT-PSS-01 Borax Jelly Slime Black Shimmering 180 ml Container


black slime
black shimmering slime


What is Black Shimmering Slime?

This slime is not for the faint-heart. Buying Black Shimmering Slime makes a statement about you! It says you are confident, not afraid of the unknown, and black can be very seductive.  It is for someone that likes a bit of mystery about themselves and likes to show confidence. I encourage you to take a risk and try this alluring type of slime. Once you buy it, I believe, you will wonder how you did without it.


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black shimmering slime onf white background
black shimmering slime on white background

What is Black Shimmering Slime?

Black is the mixture of all colours. It is the colour of decay. In literature the colour black is associated with evil and in the movies black is associated with bad. Such a bad reputation for such a beautiful means you will need to be confident, bold, and maybe even a bit seductive to buy black.

Black Shimmering Slime is feels like putty from yesteryear. However, slime is a bit different it has a spongy and slightly sticky texture. It is a bit reminiscent of putty of yesteryear. Whereas putty of yesteryear is more smoother texture that gets tougher with age. The advantage of slime is that you can use it anywhere and take it anywhere with you. Best of yet, it is virtually mess free, makes a great gift, and can provide hours of stress relief.


In this purchase you will receive 1 x 180 ml container of Black Shimmering Slime. Shipped to your address.


Ideally slime is suitable for children 3+ years and a great purchase for adults. It is our recommendation to supervise children when using slime.


We take PayPal or Stripe and will only ship to the address provided by PayPal. Please ensure address is correct.


Since slime is a putty like substance that should be kept away form heat and not eaten. When done clean all areas exposed, Finally when storing slime, cover it and keep in a cool place.

Additional information

Weight240 g


Slime Base



180 ml

Slime Prodcut Line

Red Carpet


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