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  • Brighter Tomorrow Yukon...

    £5.74 £5.99

    The world is better with glitter it makes the world a sparkly place and it makes living fun. Furthermore, glitter can it can bring about change and it can have such a positive effect. So, what could be better than pack slime with lots of glitter? Gold slime with glitter.

    Brighter Tomorrow Gold Glitter slime is packed full of glitter to produce a soft, squishy, and vibrant colored slime. Since this slime contains a lot of glitter, it comes in our larger 8 ounce (by volume) container.

    If you are feeling depressed and need something sparkly to lift your mood or you looking for something fun that is relaxing then this slime is for you.

  • Exotic Cake in Jar Cloud...

    £5.50 £6.99

    Do you love the sinful smell of a cake baking in the oven on a cold winter morning? The warmth and fond family memories the smell of baking brings.

    Whether it is preparing for Christmas, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, or anytime. When you bake a cake, the smell is inspiring and brings back warm comforting memories. The warm feelings baking with someone or for someone you love is why Brighter Tomorrow has made this family inspired slime.

    Cake in a jar captures the passion baking brings and Brighter Tomorrow captures this relaxing smell by infusing this slime with the exotic scent of baking cake. Unleash to power of this forgotten slime and discover the happiness that this slime can bring you.

  • Mind-Blowing Voluptuous...

    £5.74 £5.99

    Looking for a sinfully blissful slime that will captivate you? In Brighter Tomorrow opinion, there is nothing more blissful than a sinfully voluptuous Pink Candy Floss butter slime.

    This immoral Butter slime is unlike other slimes, it is spreadable, just like butter. Making this slime an ideal slime for when you want to give yourself 5 minutes to relax and unwind after a busy day.

    This slime comes with our 14 day no questions asked money back guarantee. If you are a UK resident and purchase Royal Mail Next Day by 1PM you can have this item in as little as two working days.

    Don't wait act now to purchase this very special and unique slime.

  • Silver Glitter Bomb

    £5.74 £5.99

    Brighter Tomorrow has been ruthless in developing a new slime and Silver Glitter Bomb is the brainchild of our pursuit to quench our customers' hunger for innovative and sinful slimes. Silver Bomb is a forbidden slime that is packed full of scandalous glitter and cosmetic safe coloring to yield a demanding slime that you will love. If you want to be a Brighter Tomorrow inside and be in the know, then I will let you in on a secret. this slime is so packed full of glitter that the slime actually sparkles. It is a must have slime for anyone who loves sparkle and who loves slime. Don't miss out buy your Sliver Glitter bomb today.

  • Sinfully Exotic Lilac Sea...

    £5.50 £5.99

    If there is one word to describe this slime it is sinful. Lilac Sea Mist cloud slime is a sinfully enticing, alluring, and captivating slime. When you see this slime for the first time it is mind blowing. Then, once you place this soft, yet captivating, slime in your hand something magical happens. This slime makes you feel as though you are being transported to a remote exotic tropical island. An island where you can smell the morning sea mist, smell the lilac, and feel as though you are the center of attention. As you experience your tropical journey, you will begin to notice your stress melting away. After using your slime and placing it back in your 8 ounce reusable container, you may find you have a more restful sleep wanting to buy more slime, and you will have a brighter tomorrow.

  • Soft, Relaxing Afternoon...

    £6.99 £7.99

    Summer Thunderstorm Rainbow Cloud Slime is currently Brighter Tomorrow most popular slime. What makes this beautiful and amazing cloud slime so popular? The secret, Brighter Tomorrow's process. Unlike other cloud slime, Brighter Tomorrow uses a special process to keep the clouds from falling and uses cosmetic grade coloring to prevent staining. Thereby making Summer Thunderstorm Rainbow Cloud Slime easy to clean-up and making it an ideal slime to take anywhere.

    At this point you may be thinking the slime is not messy and will not stain, so what? The truth is, you are right. The popularity of this slime, lies in its soft and spongy texture that is infused with the scent of rainbow. Creating an incredible relaxing experience that you will enjoy long after you use this incredible slime.

  • Teddy Bear Soda Water slime...

    £4.50 £4.99

    Teddy bears and soda water are two things we think about when we imagine scary times as children. Soda water comforted us when we were sick and teddy bears comforted us when we were scared. Both, in their own way, made us feel better. Brighter Tomorrow captures the feeling of vulnerability and security with this amazing clear slime. This slime with clear glue that is packed full of glitter giving the slime a clear yet almost carbonated appeal and the teddy bear charm is added for fun. Take a step back to a carefree time when you were comforted by the things around you.

    Purchasing is quick, easy and takes less than a minute to complete. Once Brighter Tomorrow receives your order you can have it in little as 2 working days (purchasing Next Day by 1 PM is required).

  • Winter Nights Cloud Slime

    £5.49 £6.99

    A winter sunset is a beautiful time of year.

    When the winter sun finally sets the sky fills up with reds an and orange. Then, once night overtakes the winter sky and if you are far enough north you will see the greens and pinks of the northern lights, aurora borealis.

    Like the winter snow, this slime is soft and beautiful like the aurora borealis.

    However, unlike the winter snow, something magical happens as you pull and knead this slime. The pink and green mix to produce a rich blue slime. When you interact with the slime you create movement. Thereby creating heat and the feeling of stress melting away.

    Are you going to be relaxed and warm this winter?

    Stock up! Enjoy the discounts that come with buying in bulk. Remember to keep warm and relaxed with Winter Nights Cloud slime.