Metallic Color Slime

Metallic Slime

A clear glue slime base that use metallic cosmetic safe coloring to create a rich color slime that has a soft yet firm texture.

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    What do you like about slime? Brighter Tomorrow knows our customers enjoy a quality slime with a soft yet firm texture. When you first hold our Metallic Gold slime some magical happens. The soft texture begins to relax you and as you interact with the slime, you are transported to a place you choose. As you explore your magical place, your worries and fears are soon replaced with feeling relaxed.

  • Brighter Tomorrow Metallic...
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    Brighter Tomorrow Metallic...

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    Brighter Tomorrow quality metallic slime is made in heart of England where we source only quality coloring, glue, and other quality materials to make this remarkable and beautiful slime.