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Pink Floss slime an alluring a captivating slime you must experience.
  • Pink Floss slime an alluring a captivating slime you must experience.

Mind-Blowing Voluptuous Pink Candy Floss Slime

Mind-Blowing Voluptuous Pink Candy Floss Slime

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Looking for a sinfully blissful slime that will captivate you? In Brighter Tomorrow opinion, there is nothing more blissful than a sinfully voluptuous Pink Candy Floss butter slime.

This immoral Butter slime is unlike other slimes, it is spreadable, just like butter. Making this slime an ideal slime for when you want to give yourself 5 minutes to relax and unwind after a busy day.

This slime comes with our 14 day no questions asked money back guarantee. If you are a UK resident and purchase Royal Mail Next Day by 1PM you can have this item in as little as two working days.

Don't wait act now to purchase this very special and unique slime.


Pink Candy Floss slime is a very unique clay slime. Clay slime uses a special clay to gives slime a very unique texture. Unlike other slimes that are stretchable and kneadable, clay slimes are spreadable like butter. Also, unlike other slimes, clay slimes have a very firm texture that is not like the semi-liquid or fluffy texture of other slimes. 

When making this slime minimal boron is used (approximately 100mg per 1000g of slime) and ships this slime in a free reusable 8 ounce (by volume) plastic container.

When purchasing this slime please note, Brighter Tomorrow uses SSL (Secured Socket Layer) technology, as evidenced by the green lock in your browser's search bar. SSL technology is used to protect your sensitive personal and banking information when purchasing from us and Brighter Tomorrow only uses PayPal and Stripe for your payment. Thereby providing you with a highly secure and reliable method for payment.

With this order Brighter Tomorrow will typically process this order and bring it for shipping within 72 hours of receiving payment. UK residents can receive this amazing and beautiful slime in as little as 2 working days when Royal Mail Next Day by 1 PM is purchased.

Pink Candy Floss Clay Slime
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