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Brighter Tomorrow Unicorn Yellow Bumble Bee Glitter Slime

Brighter Tomorrow Unicorn Yellow Bumble Bee Glitter Slime

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Check out this amazing and beautiful yellow unicorn glitter slime from Brighter Tomorrow. Unicorn Yellow Glitter Slime is a basic slime that is soft yet firm, making it an ideal slime for stress relief. Its beautiful color will surely delight you and its handy reusable container makes taking this slime anywhere, easy. Don't miss out order this remarkable slime today.


What do you want from you slime? Brighter Tomorrow believes you are wanting a simple slime that has a vivid color and texture that is firm, yet soft?

If so Brighter Tomorrow Unicorn Yellow Glitter Slime is right for you. What is unicorn slime? 

Unicorn slime is inspired by the beautiful mystical animal the unicorn. The unicorn had magical healing powers and pooped rainbows. This unicorn slime is inspired by that mystical animal. Whist this slime may not have the magical healing powers of a unicorn. It can have healing powers for some people who have anxiety or feeling stressed. Using slime, can help distract your mind and keeps your hands active thereby helping to focus your attention elsewhere. Helping your to feel energized and relaxed.

As for the glitter, this slime is made with holographic glitter that helps capture the light and helps to intensify the color. The produces a vivid yellow color for you to enjoy.

All slimes from Brighter Tomorrow comes in a reusable plastic container and is made with minimal borax 100 mg per 1,000 g. Finally remember slime is meant for external use, they should never be consumed, never taken internally, and if being used by a kid should be used under adult supervision.

Don't miss out. Order this amazing yellow unicorn glitter slime today.

Unicorn Yellow Glitter Slime
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No Scent
Container Size
6 ounce
Slime Type
Jiggly - soft yet firm

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