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Brighter Tomorrow Blue Cloud Slime Infused with Fruit Scent

Brighter Tomorrow Blue Cloud Slime Infused with Fruit Scent

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Look to the sky and all you see is blue from the interaction of sunlight hitting the atmosphere several thousand feet above the ground. Brighter Tomorrow presents its inspiration blue slime. 

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What does the blue in the sky feel like? Ever wonder, what does the blue sky feel like?

Our Blue Unicorn Cloud slime is topped with glitter, the night stars, a rainbow charm and comes with a relaxing fresh earthy fruit scent to remind you of the importance of the sky.

When making our slime, Brighter Tomorrow uses minimal borax, approximately 100 mg boron per 1,000g of slime to make our slime. Plus Brighter Tomorrow uses quality materials to produce a non-staining and easy to clean up slime.

In case you are wondering, cloud slime is a soft, spongy, and easy to pull slime. Making it ideal for busy hands or needing time to relax. If stored and handled properly this slime can easily last for 6 months.

Finally our slime is meant for relaxing and entertainment. This means it is not meant for consumption.

So what are you waiting for? Buy some Brighter Tomorrow cloud slime today.

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