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Forbidden Cherry Cola Scented Butter Slime

Forbidden Cherry Cola Scented Butter Slime

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Feeling stress? Don't let your stress punish you. Be in the know, take control of your stress by using this forgotten secret. This sinfully depraved and forbidden cherry cola scented butter slime comes in its own reusable 8 ounce (by volume) plastic container. Once you hold this soft exotic slime and begin to massage it you may begin to feel your stress magically melt away and you may even think that using slime is a genius way to manage stress. Add this beautiful and forbidden slime to your shopping cart. Once you purchase the amazing slime, it comes with Brighter Tomorrow 14 day no questions asked money back guarantee.

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What makes Brighter Tomorrow Cherry Scented Slime so sinful, depraved, and forbidden? To get a behind the scenes look at how this sinful slime is made, before even making this slime Brighter Tomorrow imports Daiso Clay from the Orient. Next, Brighter Tomorrow adds a minimal amount of borax, approximately 100 mg / 1,000g of butter slime. Then Brighter Tomorrow adds cherry cola scent and tops this forbidden slime with a cherry kawaii charm. All through the processing Brighter Tomorrow is checking the consistency and quality remains. If not, then Brighter Tomorrow rejects the batch and begins the process.

The magic happens once you hold the  slime for the first time. When you open the slime first time and take it out, you smell the cherry scent. You discover there is something forbidden about the color, it appears quite devilish and the scent, smells very forbidden. Then as you massage it something happens that you do not expect. You find there is something sensual about this slime and you begin to notice, you are feeling relaxed. As though your stress is melting away just like butter melts when you heat it. 

After using this slime you may feel like an insider and feel shameless for discovering managing stress is so cheap. You will be wondering, how come others do not know about this secret for managing stress?

With every purchase made on this website, it come with Brighter Tomorrow thrilling promise that if you are not happy with your purchase just let us know. If Brighter Tomorrow is unable to resolve the issue then we will give your money back with no questions asked.

Please remember slime is meant for entertainment and stress reduction. Slime should never be used internally and should never be consumed.

Butter Slime Cherry
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