Lustful over the moon blue unicorn glitter slime

Lustful over the moon blue unicorn glitter slime

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Feeling a bit naughty? Are you in a devilish mood and need to unwind? Brighter Tomorrow Over the Moon blue unicorn glitter slime is a slime made for when you are feeling a bit randy or demoniacal. This hearty devilish slime is made with quality ingredients that includes a color safe colorant to prevent staining, high quality clear glue, and packed full of glitter. The result is a high quality clear glue base slime that can satisfy even you most sinful desires and take whatever you give it. Plus the reusable 6 ounce container means you can take this promiscuous slime anywhere you go and it come with our ironclad no questions asked14 day money back guarantee.


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Are you feeling the devilish side in you is coming out and you need a release? Check out this amazing promiscuous unicorn slime. Lustful Over the Moon Blue Unicorn slime is a carnal slime made with clear glue, color safe blue color, glitter and minimal boron approximately 100g per 1,000 g of slime. This slime is an endurable and unbeatable slime that can be re-used, when properly stored in its 6 ounce container. It is ideal for relaxing after a busy, giving as a gift, or anything else you can imagine. Best yet this slime comes with Brighter Tomorrow's 14 day ironclad no questions asked money back guarantee.

Whilst this is hearty slime meant to fulfill your devilish desires, this product is meant for external use only. Slime should never be consumed by humans or pets. In addition, slime should never be used internally.

Blue Unicorn Glitter Slime
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Data sheet

No Scent
Container Size
6 ounce
Slime Type
Jiggly - soft yet firm
Slimes per Offer
Slime Line
Glitter Slime

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