Sinfully Exotic Lilac Sea Mist Cloud Slime

Sinfully Exotic Lilac Sea Mist Cloud Slime

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If there is one word to describe this slime it is sinful. Lilac Sea Mist cloud slime is a sinfully enticing, alluring, and captivating slime. When you see this slime for the first time it is mind blowing. Then, once you place this soft, yet captivating, slime in your hand something magical happens. This slime makes you feel as though you are being transported to a remote exotic tropical island. An island where you can smell the morning sea mist, smell the lilac, and feel as though you are the center of attention. As you experience your tropical journey, you will begin to notice your stress melting away. After using your slime and placing it back in your 8 ounce reusable container, you may find you have a more restful sleep wanting to buy more slime, and you will have a brighter tomorrow.

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Lilac Sea Mist Cloud Slime is a tantalizing and thrilling type of slime. It has a very pleasurable spongy texture because it is made with minimal boron ( approximately 100 mg per 1,000 grams of slime).

When you open your slime for the first time you will experience a very provocative but very sensual rainbow scent that can be very relaxing. As you use your slime, you will find it does not stain and does not leave clouds behind. Even better, when properly cared for this slime can last for months.   

The slime sounds great, what does Brighter Tomorrow has to offer to purchase this incredible slime? Purchasing this slime. Brighter Tomorrow uses the latest SSL (secure socket layer) technology to encrypt your sensitive and personal payment information from Brighter Tomorrow to your payment method. Currently, Brighter Tomorrow uses both Stripe and PayPal for payment.

Finally, all purchases from Brighter Tomorrow comes with our no risk 14 day no questions asked money back guarantee.

So, try this captivating slime and see where it can take you!

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