Princess Pink Slime

Princess Pink Slime

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Pink is strongly associated with femininity, joy, love, and happiness. It is a remarkable color that can bring a very relaxing experience. Princess pink is a vibrant pink color made with a clear glue base to bring out the pink. The texture of this slime is incredible, soft but firm. Nothing else is added to this slime distract from its beauty and power. This slime is an ideal slime for anyone looking to reduce their stress or loves the color pink.

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Princess Pink slime is a vibrant clear glue base slime made with only 100mg of boron per 1,000g of slime. The color is a cosmetic safe color that will not stain your hands or furniture. In addition, this slime is free of scent, glitter, and charms in order to bring out the beauty of this slime.

As for texture, Princess Pink is soft but firm. When pulled, the slime appears to have rubbery texture. This texture is similar to putty toys of yesteryear. Its texture makes it suitable for long-term use. Because of the type of slime, when properly used and stored, this slime can last for months.

This slime is ideal for any girl or boy that loves the color pink. The bright color makes this slime suitable as a sensory toy for autistic children. Also, this slime is ideal for anyone managing their stress.

All purchases, comes with Brighter Tomorrow 14 day no questions asked money back guarantee and Brighter Tomorrow ships world-wide. So, act now and order this amazing slime today.

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Data sheet

No Scent
No Glitter
Container Size
6 ounce
Slime Type
Jiggly - soft yet firm
Slimes per Offer
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