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Unicorn Rainbow Crunch

Unicorn Rainbow Crunch

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Feeling stressed and needing to relax? Take 5 minutes with this amazing slime. Unicorn Rainbow Crunch cloud slime is a naughty and wicked slime that draws on the power of the unicorn to help you relax. The soft spongy texture and refreshing scent can help relax even the most stressed person. This pink and white multi-color slime comes in a reusable 8 ounce container topped with foam balls and a unicorn charm.

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Unicorn Rainbow Crunch slime is a multi-color, pink and white cloud slime that ships in a reusable 8 ounce plastic container. It is an ideal slime for stress relief due to its relaxing colors, scent and texture. This slime is made with minimal boron, 100g per 1,000g of slime and comes with Brighter Tomorrow 14 day no questions asked money back guarantee.

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Glitter Sprinkled on top of slime
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8 ounce
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