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Brighter Tomorrow Yukon Gold Glitter Slime

Brighter Tomorrow Yukon Gold Glitter Slime

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The world is better with glitter it makes the world a sparkly place and it makes living fun. Furthermore, glitter can it can bring about change and it can have such a positive effect. So, what could be better than pack slime with lots of glitter? Gold slime with glitter.

Brighter Tomorrow Gold Glitter slime is packed full of glitter to produce a soft, squishy, and vibrant colored slime. Since this slime contains a lot of glitter, it comes in our larger 8 ounce (by volume) container.

If you are feeling depressed and need something sparkly to lift your mood or you looking for something fun that is relaxing then this slime is for you.

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A world without glitter is a depressing world. It is a world without change and a world without happiness. Luckily we live in a world that sparkles with glitter.

Brighter Tomorrow is excited to sell its Gold Glitter Slime in an 8 ounce container. Because of all of the glitter we use to make this slime, using our standard 6 ounce container was too small. This squishy slime comes in our large 8 ounce container to allow us to pack this slime full of glitter.

Gold Glitter Slime
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Data sheet

No Scent
Container Size
8 ounce
Slime Type
Jiggly - soft yet firm
Slimes per Offer
Slime Line
Glitter Slime

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