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Brighter Tomorrow Pink Lemon Aid with Ice Slime

Brighter Tomorrow Pink Lemon Aid with Ice Slime

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What is Jelly Cube slime? Jelly Cube is inspired by the gelatin type of desserts brought to family celebrations that celebrates warmth, togetherness and the enduring qualities of a family. It texture is special, unlike Brighter Tomorrow other clear base slime the cubes adds more of a squishy feel to it. Making this a very fun slime to try. Once you try this slime Brighter Tomorrow is confident you will want more of this type of slime.

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Are you someone who enjoys very special slimes? Brighter Tomorrow Jelly Cube slime is a unique slime with a unique texture. When you first look at this slime it looks like a clear slime that has some color added to it. This slime is much more, the cubes adds to the texture and gives this slime a very squishy feeling. Making this slime an ideal slime an ideal slime for unwinding after a busy day at the office, studying, or when you need 5 minutes to relax.

When you purchase this slime, it comes in a reusable 6 ounce (by volume) plastic container. Furthermore this slime is made with cosmetic grade coloring to prevent staining and is made with minimal borax (100 mg boron per 1,000 grams of slime).

Are you ready to try something different? If so, don't miss out experiencing this very special slime.

This slime comes with Brighter Tomorrow's 14 day money back guarantee and will typically ship within 72 hours of payment. Shipping to your location will vary, depending on location, time of year, and shipping method used. Please be aware this slime offer includes free shipping to UK addresses only via Royal Mail 48, up to 2 kg shipping weight. Royal Mail 48 typically takes 2 - 3 working days to arrive after your order ships. In addition to free shipping to UK address, Brighter Tomorrow provides this item for offer for out international customers, at our standard shipping charge, and provides a faster shipping service, at an additional charge, for our UK customers.

Remember slime is for entertainment purposes only. Slime should never be eaten by humans or animals. It should never be used internally and children should always be supervised by a responsible adult when using slime.

Pink Jelly Cube Slime
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No Scent
No Glitter
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6 ounce
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Jelly Cube
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Jelly Cube

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