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Brighter Tomorrow Metallic Silver Slime

Brighter Tomorrow Metallic Silver Slime

Delivery times varies. UK 2 - 3 working days after shipping, EU 5 - 7 working days after notification of item being shipped. However shipments to Greece, Romania, and Italy may take longer. Shipments to the USA, Canda, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and elsewheree will depend on serval factors. Shipping to the USA, Australia and Canda typically takes 1 - 2 weeks.

Brighter Tomorrow quality metallic slime is made in heart of England where we source only quality coloring, glue, and other quality materials to make this remarkable and beautiful slime.

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Brighter Tomorrow Metallic Silver slime is a high quality slime using only quality materials and only 100 mg of boron in every 1,000 gram of slime to produce a vividly colored slime that feels firm, yet soft. This slime is an ideal slime for relaxing on weekend while watching a box set of your favorite television shows or to relax after a busy day.

When you purchase your metallic silver slime it will arrive in its own 6 ounce, by volume, reusable plastic container and comes with Brighter Tomorrow's 14 day no questions asked, money back guarantee.

What do you have to lose? Order your metallic silver slime today.

Metallic Silver Slime - 6 ounces
50 Items

Data sheet

No Scent
No Glitter
Container Size
6 ounce
Slime Type
Jiggly - soft yet firm
Slimes per Offer
Slime Line

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