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Brighter Tomorrow Metallic Gold Slime

Brighter Tomorrow Metallic Gold Slime

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What do you like about slime? Brighter Tomorrow knows our customers enjoy a quality slime with a soft yet firm texture. When you first hold our Metallic Gold slime some magical happens. The soft texture begins to relax you and as you interact with the slime, you are transported to a place you choose. As you explore your magical place, your worries and fears are soon replaced with feeling relaxed.

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Brighter Tomorrow Metallic Gold Slime is a vividly colored slime made with cosmetic grade colors to protect against staining and comes in a reusable 6 ounce, by volume, plastic container to store your slime. Plus this slime is made with minimal borax (100 mg boron per 1,000g of slime).

This slime is an ideal slime to give as a gift or use yourself.

Whatever you do with this quality slime you will be pleased.

Don't miss out, order your Metallic Gold Slime today.

Remember all Brighter Tomorrow slimes come with our 14 day money back guarantee. Also, remember slime is not food and should never be consumed by humans or animals. Nor should slime be used internally. When properly stored and handled Brighter Tomorrow slime can last for six months or more.

Metallic Gold - 6 ounces
48 Items

Data sheet

No Scent
No Glitter
Container Size
6 ounce
Slime Type
Jiggly - soft yet firm
Slimes per Offer
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