Clear Slime

Clear slimes are just like the name imples, slime made using clear glue. Unlike our cloud slimes, clear slimes tend to be firmer with a texture similar to gelatin and tend to come in single color along with only some clear slimes having scents.

  • Black Galaxy Slime

    £5.74 £5.99

    Brighter Tomorrow Galaxy Slime is a captivating slime that unlock your imagination to wonder what is it like to travel in outer space? This slime is made with a color safe black coloring with foam beads and stars to create an the feeling of outer space. Plus Brighter Tomorrow infuses this slime with a pleasurable and relaxing out of this world Galaxy scent that will sure please.

    This slime comes with Brighter Tomorrow 14 day no questions asked money back guarantee.

    What is stopping you from buying this enchanting exotic alien slime?

  • Brigher Tomorrow Metallic...

    £6.00 £6.49

    Brighter Tomorrow Metallic Slime 2 pack is a great way to share a slime with a friend or have an extra slime for yourself.

  • Brighter Tomorrow Crystal...

    £4.50 £4.99

    Brighter Tomorrow Crystal Clear slime is the fusion of simplicity and purity. This slime is free of color, glitter, and scent. Thereby, leaving a pure slime for you to enjoy.

  • Brighter Tomorrow Mermaid...

    £4.74 £4.99

    What do you like about slime? Is it slimes soft relaxing texture, Its vibrant color or is it feel? Whatever you love about slime Brighter Tomorrow Mermaid Glitter Slime has something for you.

  • Brighter Tomorrow Metallic...

    £4.74 £4.99

    What do you like about slime? Brighter Tomorrow knows our customers enjoy a quality slime with a soft yet firm texture. When you first hold our Metallic Gold slime some magical happens. The soft texture begins to relax you and as you interact with the slime, you are transported to a place you choose. As you explore your magical place, your worries and fears are soon replaced with feeling relaxed.

  • Brighter Tomorrow Metallic...
    • Online only
    • Reduced price

    Brighter Tomorrow Metallic...

    £4.74 £4.99

    Brighter Tomorrow quality metallic slime is made in heart of England where we source only quality coloring, glue, and other quality materials to make this remarkable and beautiful slime.

  • Brighter Tomorrow Pink...

    £4.99 £5.49

    What is Jelly Cube slime? Jelly Cube is inspired by the gelatin type of desserts brought to family celebrations that celebrates warmth, togetherness and the enduring qualities of a family. It texture is special, unlike Brighter Tomorrow other clear base slime the cubes adds more of a squishy feel to it. Making this a very fun slime to try. Once you try this slime Brighter Tomorrow is confident you will want more of this type of slime.

  • Brighter Tomorrow Unicorn...

    £4.50 £4.99

    Have you ever wanted your slice of the rainbow? Now you have your chance with Brighter Tomorrow Unicorn Purple Rainbow Glitter slime

  • Brighter Tomorrow Unicorn...

    £5.74 £5.99

    So, what is a unicorn? A unicorn is a mystical horse-like creature with professed magical healing powers and whose history is as old as humankind. Today, unicorns are a part of every young girls dreams.

    Brighter Tomorrow Sky Blue slime with stars is a reminder of these mystical creatures and their ability to heal. Whilst Brighter Tomorrow is not claiming our slime can heal.  Nonetheless, some people find slime relaxing or helps them keep themselves distracted.

    What are you waiting for? Check out this amazing slime and order yours today.

  • Brighter Tomorrow Unicorn...

    £4.75 £4.99

    Check out this amazing and beautiful yellow unicorn glitter slime from Brighter Tomorrow. Unicorn Yellow Glitter Slime is a basic slime that is soft yet firm, making it an ideal slime for stress relief. Its beautiful color will surely delight you and its handy reusable container makes taking this slime anywhere, easy. Don't miss out order this remarkable slime today.

  • Lustful over the moon blue...


    Feeling a bit naughty? Are you in a devilish mood and need to unwind? Brighter Tomorrow Over the Moon blue unicorn glitter slime is a slime made for when you are feeling a bit randy or demoniacal. This hearty devilish slime is made with quality ingredients that includes a color safe colorant to prevent staining, high quality clear glue, and packed full of glitter. The result is a high quality clear glue base slime that can satisfy even you most sinful desires and take whatever you give it. Plus the reusable 6 ounce container means you can take this promiscuous slime anywhere you go and it come with our ironclad no questions asked14 day money back guarantee.


  • Princess Pink Slime


    Pink is strongly associated with femininity, joy, love, and happiness. It is a remarkable color that can bring a very relaxing experience. Princess pink is a vibrant pink color made with a clear glue base to bring out the pink. The texture of this slime is incredible, soft but firm. Nothing else is added to this slime distract from its beauty and power. This slime is an ideal slime for anyone looking to reduce their stress or loves the color pink.