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Brighter Tomorrow Cake in Jar Cloud Slime Infused with Cake Scent

Brighter Tomorrow Cake in Jar Cloud Slime Infused with Cake Scent

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Do you love the smell of a cake baking in the over on a cold winter morning? Whether it is preparing for Christmas, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, or anytime you make a treat for your family, the smell of a cake baking is invigorating. The warm feelings baking with or for someone you love is why Brighter Tomorrow has made this family inspired slime.

Cake in a jar captures the warmth baking brings and this slime is infused with the scent of a cake baking in the oven and looks like a strawberry and blueberry cake topped with white buttercream frosting.


Do you enjoy baking? Maybe enjoy the smell of a cake baking in the oven in preparation for the holidays? Brighter Tomorrow loves the warmth and joy that baking for family and friends brings.

Our Cake in Jar slime is a cloud slime is topped with glitter, cake sprinkles , a cherry charm and comes with a relaxing cake scent. Brighter Tomorrow uses minimal borax, approximately 100 mg boron per 1,000g of slime to make our slime. Plus Brighter Tomorrow uses quality materials to produce a non-staining and easy to clean up slime.

In case you are wondering, cloud slime is a soft, spongy, and easy to pull slime. Making it ideal for busy hands or needing time to relax. If stored and handled properly this slime can easily last for 6 months.

Finally our slime is meant for relaxing and entertainment. This means it is not meant for consumption.

So what are you waiting for? Buy some Brighter Tomorrow cloud slime today.

Cake in a jar cloud slime
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