You can reduce your anxiety by using an inexpensive revolutionary product

Published : 02/09/2019 03:12:28
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You can reduce your anxiety by using an inexpensive revolutionary product


Brighter Tomorrow has been around for a few years selling slimes and as we interact with our customers we learn from them. One trend that caught my attention was adults were buying slime too.

At first, I thought it was parents buying slime for their kids. Granted parents buying slime for their kids will always be a reason as to why adults buy slime. However, something more interesting was occurring.

As I researched the reason and talked with customers two phenomenon stood out. One, adults where buying slime to help with stress. Second, more interestingly adults were buying slime to help with anxiety. It is the latter I will focus on in this article.

Adults buying slime, raised an interesting question for me, I can understand the science of slime and stress. However, the link between slime and anxiety was more complex for me. How does anxiety and slime relate?

Conversations and research

Based on the conversation and the research I have done, I believe those who use slime to help with anxiety tend to be those suffering from Generalized Anxiety Disorder. In particular those who use slime as a way to distract themselves or using slime as a way to get some exercise through pulling the slime that releases endorphins. When endorphins are released the effect is similar to morphine. There is a feeling of calming, relaxing, and a more positive feeling. Leading to a decrease feeling of depression and anxiety. Thereby, leading to a better night sleep and a temporary lift in mood.

This may sound like a good explanation, but I am left to question, if some of those who state they use slime for anxiety are actually suffering from ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder)? In particular, the reason why I question it. The conversations I have had with adult slime users, some users state they use slime to keep their hands busy. This would suggest to me they are suffering from ADHD instead of anxiety. However, without having a thorough examination it is impossible to know and without further evidence, I accept the statement about suffering from anxiety. Though I do question, if there is more occurring?

Moving on, I believe the other reason why adults with anxiety will buy slime is because of ASMR. Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is an interesting physiological phenomenon causing a tingly feeling can cause the hair on your body to stand straight. ASMR results from the interaction of seeing and hearing something that triggers it. Once an ASMR occurs it can be quite relaxing and temporarily helping to relieve anxiety.

Slime and anxiety, where next?

Slime is not a panacea for anxiety. Instead slime can, for some, temporarily alleviate the symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder. By helping to focus concentration elsewhere through the use of textures, colors and scents. Also, slime can help alleviate anxiety by releasing endorphins when the individual actively interacts with the slime. Likewise, slime can have an additional benefit by triggering ASMR which can provide additional relief, for some. Simply put, slime can temporarily alleviate the symptoms of generalized anxiety, but slime is not a cure. 

Brighter Tomorrow promise to you

Whilst slime is not a panacea for anxiety, you have nothing to lose to see if using slime is right for you. Follow the links for below to search now for more information or to discover a slime that is right for you.  

Finally, when you shop at Brighter Tomorrow all purchases come with our 14 day no questions asked money back guarantee.

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