What makes Brighter Tomorrow sinfully exotic slime naughty and depraved?

Published : 02/01/2019 23:35:43
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What makes Brighter Tomorrow sinfully exotic slime naughty and depraved?

Brighter Tomorrow slime is known world-wide for our high quality and very sinful slimes at cheap prices. So what makes our slime so sinful, that you feel so naughty that you begin to feel as though you are depraved?

To begin at Brighter Tomorrow we believe in upholding your trust and that is why, when we choose our materials we look at keeping your faith in us by buying materials that are safe.

Keeping your faith is paramount to us and this means when we select our colors for our slime we only select colors that do not stain and produce a spectacular gorgeous quality slime. Producing an mouth-dropping color is what makes our slimes so sinful.

Most of our colors are cosmetic grade color safe colors. Likewise for glue, when Brighter Tomorrow buys clear glue, Brighter Tomorrow only buys glue that will settle clear. By choosing a glue that will settle clear, it will allow the rich vibrant color to come through the glue.

PVA glue we look for a glue that is not runny and holds it own.

As for glitter, Brighter Tomorrow only buys high quality glitter that captures the light and makes the color eye-opening.

Next, when we make our slimes, we ensure everything is clean and we individually make each order. We ensure, when we make your slime that it lasts for the long-term. That is why we use quality ingredients, make it by hand, and apply a process to ensure your slime will last. It is not until we have produced an eye-opening and mouth dropping slime, that we are ready to ship. When Brighter Tomorrow ships our slime, we pack it to ensure it is not destroyed during shipping and we only use carriers that we know are dependable.

Finally at Brighter Tomorrow we do everything to win your trust and that is why we give a heart felt no questions asked 14 money back guarantee.

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