Warning: Using scented slime can help reduce stress

Published : 01/02/2019 09:14:01
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Warning: Using scented slime can help reduce stress

What is stress?

What is stressful for you? Is it work? Family demands? This implies stress is perceptual. Meaning, you decide what is helpful or stressful. Whatever is stressful can be a motivator. It can help us focus our attention and skill to prevent something from happening. Alternatively, stress can help us achieve.

In contrast, stress can be harmful. In a mild form stress can make you anxious or easily angry. However, as stress increases it can interfere with sleep. Causing incomplete sleep, restless sleep, or difficulty staying asleep. At its extreme stress can cause health issue like ulcers, heart attack or death.

Overall, the impact that stress, that cannot be managed can be devistating to a relationship, a job, and health.

So, how can stress be managed with scented slime?

The answer depends on both the individual and the situation. Sometimes the answer can be as simple as taking a walk or talking with someone. Other times, when walking or talking when not help, slime can help.

How can slime help stress?

There are two ways. First was is the creation of endorphins you interact with slime. When you stretch slime, knead it or squeeze it. The motion uses muscles and the movement creates the release of endorphins. By releasing endorphins it creates a positive mood and can help improve sleep.

Second way, is via smell. Slime has its own natural smell. For some, it can be relaxing. At Brighter Tomorrow we know our customers lead active lives and need to relax. So, at Brighter Tomorrow we add fun and relaxing scents. These scents, can trigger positive and happy memories. By triggering these positive and happy memories, via scents, you are able to recall a happy time. Thereby, allowing your stress to melt away by allowing yourself to relieve that memory. As you allow the scent to work, you will begin to feel the stress melting a way and peacefulness over taking your body.


Managing stress is perceptual. Meaning, what you may perceive as stressful, may not be perceived by someone else as being stressful or what you may find as stressful someone else might. It comes down to how stress is perceived, managed, and how stress is dealt with that will determine the impact of stress. It can mean, finding a different way to look at your situation and how to best approach it. Simply put, stress comes down to your coping and managing mechanism.

This will mean, trial and error. What may work for some people, may not work for you. Likewise, what works for you may not work for someone else. That is why at Brighter Tomorrow we produce a variety of slime with a variety of scent. Scents, for some people, can be very powerful and a simple way to relax. Simply put, slime is not a panacea as a way to solve stress. At best, slime should be used as an overall part of a stress management program.

Best Way Forward

Brighter Tomorrow has a variety of scented and unscented slimes for you to try. Explore what you feel will work with you. Once you receive your Brighter Tomorrow slime, find 5 minutes where you know it will be quiet. Take out your slime. Smell it and being interacting with it. As you interact, with your slime, you should find you stress begins to melt away. Now, your stress is either gone or reduced, you next step is to discover a way to keep your stress down.

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