How to fix runny slime

Published : 12/22/2018 08:00:05
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How to fix runny slime

At first you are feeling dejected and let down. The slime you were waiting for is not what you are expecting and the slime is not usable.

By now you are feeling angry or depressed.

Your first instinct is to leave a negative comment for the seller and demand a full refund or ask for a replacement. You want the world to know what a bad experience you had and how the seller deprived you of your enjoyment.

Chasing the seller for a refund or a replacement is an option. However, it can be laborious and time consuming.  What if I told you that you have another option?

Fixing runny slime is very quick and simple. All you need is about 2 ounces of slime activator in an dropper bottle.

Activator, should never be drank or used internally. If you get activator on your skin, you should wash your hands with warm water and soap immediately.

Contact lens solution is one possible source of slime activator. Another source, if you are under 18 then this needs to be done with adult supervision, is to mix 1 teaspoon of borax with about 2 ounces of hot water. 

Now, slowly add a few drops of activator and beginning mixing. As you mix the activator into the slime the slime should begin to firm up. The key here is do this very slowly. If you add too much activator you run the risk of hardening the slime. 

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