How to complete a purchase on Brighter Tomorrow

Published : 12/31/2018 13:02:16
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How to complete a purchase on Brighter Tomorrow

There is nothing easier than buying on-line. All you need is about 5 minutes and a good internet connection. Nothing can be easier. However, sometimes you run into an issue or not sure what you need to enter. This guide, is a step by step guide that goes through the steps and provides some tips on how to troubleshoot, fix, some common issues.

In an earlier guide, that discusses how to use coupon codes, the guide mentions applying a coupon code is the first step in checking out. That is true, when you are using coupon codes as a part of your purchase. However, this guide either assumes you are not using a coupon code or you have already entered it.

Information that is entered is fictitious but some information may be redacted in order to prevent any confusion.

Next this guide only shows the bare minimum information required to complete a purchase. Please note any text box that states Optional can be left blank.

Step 1: Entering personal information

In this phase, the form will ask for a title, MR or Mrs., along with First Name, Last (Surname) Name, email address and customer data privacy acknowledgement. The other fields, such as Company or Identification number are optional. Identification number, is useful if you are a returning customer but shipping to different addresses. This can you identify, which form to use. After entering the information click Continue

Step 2: Entering Billing and Shipping Information

From step 1, your name will transfer along with any other information you have entered. Shipping address, is the address where you want your order to arrive and it is the address, which your bank card is register. In most cases there is no need to un-tick the bottom box.

At the bottom of this form you will see a tick box that states, Use address for Invoice.   However if you the order to go else or your invoicing address is different then un-tick the box and enter the address you want it to be shipped to in the new box.

In Step 3 you will have an opportunity to enter a comment about your shipment. Please use the comment box in Step 3 to list your preferred shipping address.

When done entering, clicking Continue

Step 3: Entering Shipping Preference

Brighter Tomorrow offers a variety of shipping options based on cost, speed, location, and weight. All carriers listed are independent of Brighter Tomorrow and once your order leaves us, it becomes the responsibility of the carrier.

As stated in Step 2 there is an opportunity to enter a comment regarding about shipping address. If your invoicing and shipping address are different then please use the comment box to clarify your preferred delivery address.

In this step the carriers are listed with their delivery times and any special conditions. Please be aware delivery times are estimates based on the courier's stated times and any experience Brighter Tomorrow may have using the carrier.

Please contact Brighter Tomorrow if you have a preferred carrier or if the weight of your item exceeds the carriers listed.

Step 4: Payment

Brighter Tomorrow uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology to protect your payment. Furthermore, Brighter Tomorrow currently uses PayPal and Strip as our payment methods. Both Stripe and PayPal will notify Brighter Tomorrow once your payment is processed.

Please be aware, the only payment information Brighter Tomorrow is supplied from PayPal and Stripe is acknowledgement your payment has been received and Brighter Tomorrow is not provided with any further information.


  • Form is not progressing or not saving. Sometimes the issue is either JavaScript or a user system setting. Please try a clearing your browser cache, closing it, and reopening it. Next try using different browser. If you are using a tablet then please try using a laptop or desktop. Should the above not work try whitelisting in your firewall and browser. Finally if the above does not work then please contact Brighter Tomorrow at
  • Payment being rejected not being accepted. Check your billing address (the first address you entered in Step 2) is correct. If it is correct, ensure the payment method you are using has bank account information that has not expired.
  • Cursor 'stuck,' will not move. Check your internet connection. If you are using a wireless keyboard check your battery is charged. Should you have an internet connection with a keyboard that is working then clear your browser cache, close your browser and then reopen it. Once you reopen it try again.

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