How to care for your Brighter Tomorrow slime

Published : 12/22/2018 06:14:32
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How to care for your Brighter Tomorrow slime

Brighter Tomorrow Rainbow Cloud Slime

Receiving slime is an exciting time. When you open the container for the first time the slime of fresh slime fills the room and when you hold new slime for the first time, something magical happens. Brighter Tomorrow knows about the magic slime creates and that is why we are creating this guide. This guide is meant to help you care for your Brighter Tomorrow slime and to get the most from it.

When making our slime Brighter Tomorrow uses water. Water helps to minimise to provide the consistency and texture Brighter Tomorrow demands from its slime. Plus water is free of scents and anything can cause irritation, which is a great thing to use when making slime.

The problem with water, it is very sensitive to temperature changes. Heat can easily liquefy slime. Exposing slime to heat does not mean placing it on a hot stove. Instead, it can mean placing slime under a Christmas tree, on a radiator, or on a windowsill can be enough to make slime runny.

From our experience at Brighter Tomorrow some slimes, especially clear slime, is sensitive to extreme swing in temperature, going from very cold to very warm in a very short period of time. 

Another issue with water based slime, is exposure to body oil and dirty. Each person, throughout the day accumulates oil, dirt, and salt from contact with different surfaces. Body oil and dirt can quickly cause havoc with slime.

Third issue with slime, is exposure. Exposing slime, either directly or indirectly to chemicals, can cause slime to breakdown. Examples of indirect exposure can include car exhaust or aerosols.

Finally, if slime is exposed to an area where there is a lot of moisture it can cause slime to mold. Likewise, storing slime in an area with low moisture may prematurely dry out slime

In order to keep you slime brand new Brighter Tomorrow makes the following recommendations:

  • Always wash you hands with warm water and mild soap before and after use
  • Wash any surface, like counters or tables, before using slime. Once you are done using slime was the surface again.
  • When storing slime store slime in a dark area that is not in an area prone to heat or moisture. This means slime should never be stored in the kitchen or bathroom.
  • Avoid storing slime in areas with minimal moisture (e.g. refrigerator or enclosed room with an air conditioner or dehumidifier running).
  • Never store slime in garage
  • Do not place slime on any hot surface or allow slime to sit exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Once done with your slime, immediately place the cover on it to prevent it from drying out.

By taking a few steps to care for your slime, you will help extend its life and ensure your Brighter Tomorrow slime will last for several months.

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