How to beat stress: 10 easy points to remember

Published : 01/26/2019 06:00:06
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How to beat stress: 10 easy points to remember

1) Remember stress is perceptual

Our mind has a lot on how we view, perceive, stress. If you perceive something as being stress then your body will react accordingly. Likewise, if you do not see something as stressful then you will perceive the situation as being manageable.

2) Slime is an inexpensive way to manage stress

There is a belief that slime is for kids and it is a phenomenon geared for children. Whilst it is true children will play with slime to entertain themselves, slime benefits adults too. The unique texture of slime produces a jaw dropping benefit for adults. When you hold slime the smell along with the soft, fluid-like texture, is very calming and reassuring. massaging, the kneading, and pulling of slime release endorphins which can help with sleeping and relaxing. Taking 5 minutes each day to use slime or using slime when you feel stressed can help you feel focused, ready to conquer the world.

3) The future holds promise

You may feel stress now but the future is unwritten. There is always the opportunity to change the future by planning now. Think about how you have previously approached issues and how you solved them. Sometimes taking 5 minutes by pulling and kneading slime can help you 'clear your head,' and see your issue in a fresh 'bright light.'

4) Sleep on it

There the belief you need to act now. Otherwise the opportunity will slip away or the issue will get worse. Sometimes that can be true. However, if you are in control and assertive you can manage the situation by saying you will, 'get back tomorrow,' will mean you need time to think. By taking time and not acting impulsively means you will have time to think about options, seek advice, and come to the right decision. 

5) Develop a positive attitude

Developing a positive attitude goes a long way in managing stress. Seeing things positively helps with feeling in control and being able to break down issues into smaller manageable pieces.

6) Surround yourself with positive people

People are social beings. Meaning, we seek out others who are similar to us that share our values and beliefs. This means if you surround yourself with people who are always stressed or view their world negatively then it is likely you will too. By surrounding yourself with positive people you will find you feelings of resentment, anger, and stress will begin to melt-away.

7) Be assertive

Being assertive is not aggression. It is a communication method to make your position known and help you feel in control while respecting the personal boundaries of those around you. The more you can be assertive the less you will be underhanded or cause people irritation because you are respecting their boundaries.

8) Take stock of you life

Look at your life and identify areas that you can improve through positive action. Positive action means finding constructive and boundary respect ways to make a positive impact on other around you.

9) Give back

Giving back means finding a way to give back to your family, community, and to others. It can be giving time to volunteer or donating money. Doing something so you can positively impact the lives of others.

10) Share

Share with others how you have moved from being adversely impacted by stress to feeling in control.

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