Brighter Tomorrow Guide: How to use slime to reduce stress

Published : 12/23/2018 04:39:12
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Brighter Tomorrow Guide: How to use slime to reduce stress

What is stress?

So, what is stress? Stress, is a physiological response to a perceived situation, in which, you feel you need to complete. This means stress is perceptual and as the result of your perception of the situation it triggers a physiological process to help you cope.

When you feel stress your body releases adrenal, creating a fight or flight response. At low levels, stress can beneficial. Stress can create a feeling of euphoria and a feeling you are achieving. At work it can lead to high levels of productivity and achievement.

However, as the level of stress builds, feelings of invincibility and achievement disappear. Soon feelings of losing control of the situation and feeling of being overwhelmed begin to develop. Feeling of overwhelmed is the feeling we typically associate with stress. By this stage, you are feeling angry, fearful, depressed and probably not sleeping well. By not sleeping at night, it keeps the fight or flight response going and it perpetuates the cycle of feeling stressed

How does slime help?

Soft and relaxing cloud slime

Slime is a non-Newtonian fluid. Basically this means, as pressure and heat (e.g. body heat) is applied to slime its texture and shape changes.

As for slime itself, slime comes in various textures that will vary from very soft and sticky to nearly solid. Many slimers, those who make slime, will add scents, glitter, charms and shiny items to make it appealing, fun.

Slime begins to reduce stress the moment it arrives. If you order slime with a scent, the first time you open your slime, the scent may help relax you. Then as you pick up your slime you will notice its texture. You will notice it has a soft texture and it may even feel a bit cool. The texture, for some, can produce a relaxing effect.

As you begin to interact with your slime, you will begin to notice you are beginning to focus on the slime and your stress, temporarily begins to melt away. This is because, as you pull your slime, the muscles in you hand and wrist are contracting then relaxing. As you repeat this action, your body is releasing endorphins.

Endorphins, help to make you feel better, help to make you feel energized and help you sleep at night. 

Finally, slime limits in reducing stress

As earlier stated stress is perceptual. How you perceive stress and how you respond will determine the effectiveness of using slime.

This means, when slime is used as part of an overall stress management program,  slime can help to reduce stress while helping to improve sleep and help in developing an overall positive attitude that can help to further reduce stress. However, this also means, if there are other underlying issues like major depression or medical issues, such as phaeochromocytoma, then using slime may not help. 

You will need to evaluate if using slime to help reduce stress is right for you. Brighter Tomorrow offers several different types of slime for you try and if you contact Brighter Tomorrow, we can work with you in developing your own special slime.

Finally, does using slime help to reduce stress? It depends on you, your approach in managing stress, and your willingness to use slime as a part of an overall stress management program.

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