Brighter Tomorrow 15 Tips for Writing a Remarkable a Cover Letter

Published : 05/31/2019 05:15:10
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Brighter Tomorrow 15 Tips for Writing a Remarkable a Cover Letter

Brighter Tomorrow 15 Tips for Writing a Remarkable a Cover Letter


1)      Research the company – The recruiting manager will want to know what about their company attracted your application and they will want to know, what you know about their company.

2)      Read the job description – Avoid sending generic letters. Instead customise your cover letter to the role and the company.

3)      State why you are applying for the job – This does not have to be a long explanation. 1 – 2 sentences is sufficient.

4)      State your salary expectations – Recruiting managers will want to know what you expect as a salary and they will use it to screen applications. I will typically state something like, “dependent on job benefits.” Then if I am asked the question in the interview, “I will ask what to you think someone with ….. is worth?”

5)      Include any achievements or examples – Keep it brief. If you can, include an example of how you approached an issue and include any achievements.

6)      Mention your soft-skills. Use a few sentences to provide a statement and an example of how you used your soft-skills.

7)      Summarise your skills – at the end conclude with a summary of what you meet the role and include at least one key skill.

8)      Suggest meeting them – in your concluding paragraph state you feel you have the skills for the role and you believe meeting will be mutually beneficial.

9)      Thank the recruitment manager for taking the time to review your application – this will help set the tone of your letter and shows you are approachable.

10)   Do a final grammar and spelling check – nothing kills a great application that a poorly written letter or a letter plagued with grammar errors. Make sure the letter is written professionally. Avoid using slang, idioms, and text-ease when writing your cover letter. 

11)   Keep cover letter to 1 page – you need to be concise. 1 page is the standard.

12)   Include your contact details – make sure to include a way for the company to contact you. This should be at the top in the heading.

13)   Address the letter to the individual who will be reviewing your CV – when writing look at the advert, many times it will include the contact name. The letter should be personalised and addressed to them.

14)   Use a professional looking email address – if you are including your email address then make sure it is professional and ideally it should include a part of your name. Avoid anything cute, offensive, or odd. Remember the recruiting manager does not know you and an unprofessional email address can create the wrong impression of you.

15)   Provide a contact number – provide a number for them to call you with any questions and suggest the company contact you regarding any questions on your CV or cover letter. This is a subtle way to influence them to contact you.

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