10 Frequently Asked Questions about using slime

Published : 12/25/2018 08:30:33
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10 Frequently Asked Questions about using slime

1) What is slime?

Slime is a non-Newtonian fluid that comes in various textures like, butter, cloud, clear, fluffy, jiggly, and other textures. Also, slime can come in various colors and decorated using various mediums.

As for uses, slime can be used as a part of a stress management program or a fun way to entertain kids. Plus, slime makes a great gift. Whatever your needs there is a slime that can meet it.

2) My Slime is hard or too firm. How can I fix it?

Slime likes attention and if it is not used it can become hard, difficult to pull. Short-term fix try, if the slime has been sitting for a while try interacting with it by pulling and kneading it for a few minutes. If that does not work then try, slowly add baby lotion to the slime and mix to loosen it up. Once the desired consistency is achieved stop adding the lotion. When storing your slime, ensure the lid is completely on the container and do not store slime without covering it. Finally ensure to use your slime every few days to keep the desired consistancy.

3) How can I fix runny slime?

Runny slime is the result of being stored in an area that is too warm. Slowly mix in slime activator until the desired consistency is achieved. When storing slime store in a cool dry place.

4) Slime is developing mold

Slime is being kept in a moist area. Move the slime to a drier location.

5) How can I store my slime if I am no longer able to use my container?

Slime should keep in a zip lock type of bag. Ensure the bag is completely seals.

6) My slime has stained my carpet, how can I get it out.

Best way to protect against staining, is to ask the seller how they color their slime or looking for a seller, like Brighter Tomorrow, that only uses cosmetic grade coloring. Sellers who color their slime using cosmetic grade coloring will make slime that has a very low risk of staining. Even if cosmetic grade coloring is used, sometimes slime can still stain. First try some warm water and soap to see if it removes it. If it does not, then try applying vinegar directly to the stain.

7) How long will slime last?

Quality slime that is properly used and stored can last 6 months or more.

8) Is slime edible?

No, slime is not edible. It should never be eaten or fed to animals.

9) At what age can a child start using slime?

Brighter Tomorrow believes any child, when using slime, should be supervised by an adult. Some slimes contains small pieces that can be a choking hazard With that said, a child should have matured to the point where they are no longer exploring the world by putting things in their mouth and understand not everything that is pretty should be eaten. Before introducing child to slime, the child should be school age and ideally a minimum age should be 6 years old.

10) Can slime reduce stress?

The answer is dependent on the individual, the context of the situation, the individual's mental health,and the definition of stress. Nonetheless, if slime is used as a part of an overall stress reducing strategy, slime can play an important role in reducing stress.

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