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How can updating the Animal Welfare Act 2006 Make a Safe Britain?

Imagine a place where bullying, abuse, and violence disappears? What does it look like? How does it make you feel? Do you feel technology can protect us by knowing if someone has a violent past? Will you feel more secure […]

Tikkun olam: Uniting Britain and Making the World Better Through the Animal Abuse Register

Tikkun olam and the Animal Abuse Register a Fool Proof Plan to Make Britain Better We are living in an exciting time in Britain with Brexit and the upcoming general election. It is chance to take control of our destiny, […]

What are 5 Things the Animal Abuse Register Will Immediate Provide the UK?

Introduction Being a pet owner opens up your world by increasing your awareness of the world around you and makes you realise you are responsible for the care of another living thing that does not have a voice. It cannot […]

Animal Abuse Register: Why does Britain Need It?

Animal Abuse Register: Why Does Britain Need it? As we are all aware, 8 June 2017 is the general election in the United Kingdom. It is an exciting time at Brighter Tomorrow because it is a chance to get our […]

General Election 2017: What do the UK political parties do not want you know?

General Election 2017: What do the UK political parties do not want you know? In November 2015 Maxine Berry and Brian Berry started an incredible journey. Maxine started the Justice for Chunky petition and Brian supported her by doing much […]

How to make a brighter tomorrow for your dog: Supporting the Animal Abuse Register

How to make a brighter tomorrow for your dog It is not uncommon in today’s media to read about animal cruelty especially to dogs or cats. Animals, in today’s society are seen as mere property, disposable like a bar of […]

Cost and benefit analysis of the animal abuse register

Cost and Benefit Analysis of three different options of having an animal abuse register Rarely a day goes by without print media writing about another case of animal abuse. The stories are heart-breaking leaving you feeling upset, sad, enraged; and […]

What is Brighter Tomorrow?

What is is an extension of AAR – Animal Abuse Register / Justice for Chunky page on Facebook. Purpose of this site is allow individuals who are not typically on Facebook find us. It will give them the […]

30 things you can do to support the animal abuse register

30 things you can do to support the animal abuse register Change does not instantly and miraculously happen. It is slow, sometimes with set-backs, and it requires support. Over the last 18 months we have seen change happen and an […]

Why is the Tennessee model the best model for the UK Animal Abuse Register

Why the Tennessee Model is the best model for an animal abuse register? The answer is simple. The Tennessee model for the animal abuse register offers an “out-of-box” solution thereby being able save government money by providing a proven structure.  […]

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