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The Brighter Tomorrow Story

Every story as a beginning and our beings in November 2015. In November 2015 Maxine Berry is moved by Chunky’s story regarding the abuse of a helpless Chihuahua. As a result of that emotional story, Maxine startsĀ  a petition calling for the creation of an animal abuse register and she calls the campaign Animal Abuse Register – Justice for Chunky and starts a Facebook page promoting the petition.

Just over 4 months after launching her campaign, Maxine along with her husband Brian delivers the petition with nearly 500,000 signatures to DEFRA. Maxine begins the next phase of her campaign. Second phase is about raising awareness for the need of the animal abuse register. At first things are a bit quiet but Maxine is invited to speak with Bethan Jenkins Welsh AM. Just about a month after the meeting Bethan Jenkins files a Private Members Bill in the Welsh Assembly for animal abuse register. From there Brian’s and Maxine’s work with the Green Party leads to the Green Party passing the animal abuse register as policy.

After the Green Party conference in Liverpool, Maxine and Brian realises the third phase needs to begin. This phase is about making their campaign for the animal abuse register sustainable. From their vision about having an animal abuse register for Britain, a Brighter Tomorrow is born. Brighter Tomorrow is founded on the belief of making life better through working together and focusing on what it important. It is a business with a heart that promotes the idea family is important and the most important thing in life is having a happy family. By promoting the importance of family, it is easy to realise the importance pets play in our lives. A core commitment of Brighter Tomorrow is promoting the need for animal abuse register in the UK. Animal abuse register is a way to keep us all safe and make each family happier. Money made from this site will be used to fund work on the animal abuse register with the goal of making an animal abuse register law in the UK.

Currently Brighter Tomorrow offers products for sale on this site, along with eBay and Etsy.

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