Brighter Tomorrow regularly receives requests from budding YouTube reviewers, those with their own review sites, and others to provide them slime free of charge. Whilst Brighter Tomorrow wishes it could provide free slime free of charge, it is not

Whilst Brighter Tomorrow recognizes the value of free advertising and wishes it could provide free slime free of charge to everyone that asks, in order to operate a successful business it is not economically feasible to fulfill every request. As a result of the numerous requests, Brighter Tomorrow has adopted the following policy.

Please note even though you may meet the minimum requirements each request is subject to review and even if you meet the minimum requirements there is no guarantee your request will be approved. Should your request be approved it will be subject to the following conditions.

Terms and Definitions

Requestor: Individual making request for slime to review

Channel: Requestor’s home page on YouTube

Final Copy: No further changes made without the approval of Brighter Tomorrow. It is the review that the requestor wants to publish and will submit to Brighter Tomorrow.

Publication: Making content available for others than the reviewer and Brighter Tomorrow to see or hear.

Dispute: Any disagreement regarding publication of review or terms that results in legal action being taken or time spent by Brighter Tomorrow to resolve the issue.

YouTube Reviews:

  • Channel must publish content to YouTube on a regular basis
  • Channel must include at least 30 previous reviews of slime
  • Reviews must be fair and accurate
  • Before the review is uploaded to YouTube, Brighter Tomorrow Limited will be provided the final copy for review and if not satisfied with the review then the review will not be published.
  • If approved Brighter Tomorrow website, must be mentioned at the beginning of the review and at the end

UK YouTube Reviewers

The requestor must have a minimum of 10,000 subscribers to their channel and individual doing the review must be in the UK and must be at least 18 years of age.

Depending on the request and other factors, Brighter Tomorrow may request that the individual making the request pays for shipping.

Non-UK YouTube Reviewers

The requestor must have a minimum of 30,000 subscribers to their channel and individual doing the review must be in the UK and must be at least 18 years of age. If request is approved then the requester will pay Brighter Tomorrow for shipping

Reviews on sites other than YouTube

  • Brighter Tomorrow will review each request and as a general standard the requestor will need to have at least 5,000 subscribers
  • Agree to all legal costs for Brighter Tomorrow if a dispute arises.
  • If the request is approved Brighter Tomorrow may ask the requestor to pay for shipping.

Reviewers under the Age of 18 (UK & Non-UK)

  • Any reviewer who is under 18 must have a parent or authorised legal guardian agree in writing to the following:
    • Before publication Brighter Tomorrow will receive the final copy for review and only after Brighter Tomorrow approves the review it will be published. Any changes made to the published review must be approved by Brighter Tomorrow.
    • A parent or authorized legal guardian will pay Brighter Tomorrow reasonable legal costs resulting from any breach of terms of the agreement, damage caused by review or any dispute arising from the publication of the review.
    • Agree any dispute resulting will be governed by the laws of the United Kingdom.

Request for Free Slime

If the individual is seeking free slime because of illness or personal event then Brighter Tomorrow asks that a registered charity that is working with the individual contact us instead of the individual.