Will the animal abuse register be the price the DUP extract from Theresa May and Conservative Party?

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Will the Animal Abuse Register be the Price the DUP Extract from Theresa May and Conservative Party?

Yesterday, 9 June 2017, Theresa May announces the formation of a minority government with the DUP.  For many voters, this announcement raises a lot of concern and anger. Some of the concern resides around the Conservative Party not having a clear majority. While others are upset by the ultra-Conservative politics of the DUP. Some may argue they are like the Conservative religious right of the GOP in the United States.  For many it appears the Conservative Party is willing to make a step to the right to remain in power.

DUP Friends of the Animal Abuse Register

Putting aside all arguments against a Conservative government with the DUP. A minority government offers hope. What is the hope? The DUP are very staunch supporters of the animal abuse register and this may be the event that brings forward the register.

The quote from Christopher Stalford indicates a commitment by the DUP to the animal abuse register:

The motion mentions a register [animal abuse register], which I absolutely support. Concerns have been expressed about data protection and what have you. Ultimately, I believe that, if people takes it upon themselves to torture, mutilate or starve an animal, frankly, whatever considerations there may be about protecting their data, the balance of the law should not be on their side. We certainly should not allow a situation to exist — Christopher Stalford (DUP)

Furthermore, his quote offers a solution on the question regarding data protection.

Animal Abuse Register A Part of Supply and Confidence Agreement?

It is too early to say, however, his quote indicates the possibility of the DUP may require the animal abuse register to be a part of any supply and confidence agreement with the Conservative Party. Also, I believe his quote opens the possibility the animal abuse register may become an issue the Conservative Party may have to address to keep their minority government.

I call on the DUP to use implementing an animal abuse register as a price for confidence and supply to form a minority government with the Conservative Party. Imagine what Britain with the register? Better laws to protect our pets. Longer sentences for the those who commit one of the most horrific acts. Overall, the animal abuse register will make Britain a better place for all of us.

I therefore believe the animal abuse register is not dead. Furthermore, I do not believe the animal abuse register will flounder in the background as something “nice-to-have.” Instead I believe the DUP offers a way forward on the issue of implementing an animal abuse register. It is too say to say but I believe this minority government can make a UK wide animal abuse register a possibility.

Let us all work together in making the animal abuse register happen.

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