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Quick and Easy Pizza Bread

Are you looking for a quick and inexpensive way to fee your family this summer? Quick and Easy Pizza Bread is an inexpensive snack or meal. It can be quickly made with very little preparation and each piece can be individually prepared.

Before Starting:

Time Needed: 20 – 30 minutes

Cooking Equipment: Cookie sheet or pizza pan and a spoon.

Heat over to 350 degrees / gas mark 4

Ingredients: bread slices (6 slices), pizza sauce, 1 pkg mozzarella cheese, shredded mild cheddar (optional)

Toppings: your choice. However, thin or pre-cooked items such as: pepperoni, pre-cooked bacon, cooked mince or ham work the best. Items with high water content such as: vegetables or pineapple may cook thoroughly. It may be advised to place items into a frying pan for a few minutes on medium heat to soften the food before using it as a topping.

Feeds: 2 – 3

Cost: excluding any toppings – total cost is approximately £2.40 or (£0.80 – £1.20 / person)

Preparation and cooking:

  • Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees / gas mark 4. Allow 10 – 15 minutes for oven to eat.
  • As the oven heats assemble your ingredients and cut any ingredients. Once oven heats place bread slices onto sheet and place in oven for approximately 1 – 2 minutes (depending on oven actual time may vary). This will slightly dry out the bread and keep the sauce from soaking through.
  • Take the out the bread on the tray. Use oven mittens since tray will be hot and put it on a surface that will not burn.
  • Open the jar of pizza sauce and using the spoon light spread the sauce onto the bread. Too much sauce will cause the bottom of the bread to become soggy.
  • Next put toppings on to the bread. Be careful not too put too much on as the toppings may not cook thoroughly or cheese may take longer to cook.
  • Finally add cheese and place back into oven.
  • Cooking time is 5 – 10 minutes. Once cheese brings to brown remove and enjoy.


If you are looking for a taco pizza variation add a little bit of taco seasoning mix to the pizza sauce and add some cheddar cheese.

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