Share Your Animal Abuse Register Vision

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Share Your Animal Abuse Register Vision

I am lucky. Over the last 18 months I get the opportunity to meet some amazing people and hear their animal abuse register vision. Occasionally, someone on my Justice for Chunky Facebook site will share the views with me their animal abuse register vision. Furthermore, from speaking with people who support my campaign there seems to be agreement on the need for longer sentences. However almost no one will state what the register should contain or how the register operates. This is fine because the idea is simple but the issues behind having an animal abuse register are complex.

Nonetheless, I like to reach out to others to hear their views because the best animal abuse register will be the one in which there is engagement. The important thing is that you do not need to understand all of the issues. Instead the important point is having an opinion that you want to share. Therefore, I am looking to hear your opinion, your thoughts, and your animal abuse register vision. My question to you if you are given the opportunity to design an animal abuse register:

  • What will it include?
  • Length of of sentence
  • Your definition of animal. What will the register cover (pets, all animals, domesticated, something else)
  • Will the register be public or private?
  • Can employers use it for employment checks?
  • How long will someone be on the register?  Can they ever come off of it?
  • Last question, how will you fund the register? (taxes, fees, fines, use your imagination)

Finally, have fun with the idea. Think about it and use the below form to share you thoughts with me.

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