General Election 2017: What do the UK political parties do not want you know?

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General Election 2017: What do the UK political parties do not want you know?

In November 2015 Maxine Berry and Brian Berry started an incredible journey. Maxine started the Justice for Chunky petition and Brian supported her by doing much of the background work. Now as a cohesive group, who signed the Justice for Chunky petition, we have a chance to make our voices heard. How exciting is that?

For Maxine Berry and Brian Berry it is quite exciting. Imagine if all of us who have signed the petition vote and vote for the parties that support the register? Our voices can be heard and we can bring the change that we need. We can help end animal cruelty through the animal abuse register by supporting tougher sentencing guidelines, longer sentences for those who abuse animals, and using a register to stop those who abuse animals. By supporting the register we are able to make a brighter tomorrow for everyone.

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Yesterday, 18 April 2017, the government announced a general election. After the success at the Green Party conference having the animal abuse register pass as policy, the call for a general election is happening at an ideal time and as a result, Maxine Berry and Brian Berry are pleased the government has called a general election. An objective of Brighter Tomorrow is the implementation of the animal abuse register in the United Kingdom and a general election on 8 June 2016 will the issue at the forefront.

During this time it is important each candidate and party reflect on what is important. Brexit, taxes, immigration; and benefits are all important. However, they large impersonal issues that politician care about to gain votes and issues that are important to voters get ignored.

Over the last 18 months, we have reached out to all major parties including Plaid Cymru in Wales. We are grateful to Plaid Cymru and Bethan Jenkins AM for their work on the register in Wales.  Likewise we are thankful to the Green Party for their tireless support of the register and their help, has moved both of us.

As this announcement is being written the petition has just under 600,000 signatures. This can translate into 1,800,000 up to 6,000,000 voters feeling strongly about ending animal cruelty through the animal abuse register. Do this mean upto 6,000,000 people will vote as a solid block for the register? It possible and anything can happen?

Nonetheless Maxine and Brian struggle to understand the reasoning why the Conservatives have not approached us about the register. The register gives them the opportunity to look tough on an issue that impacts millions of voters. It can give the Conservatives the opportunity to make Britain safer while protecting its most vulnerable members and help them deliver a sizable majority in Parliament.

Likewise, the register for Labour can help attract voters they may need while addressing a crucial issue that calls for a balance of rehabilitation, tougher sentencing, and protecting the public. According to recent polls they are over 20% behind the Conservatives in the most recent polls and it appears their leader, based on media reports, is toxic to them. Supporting the register is one way to improve their image.

We are always willing to reach out to any party, to meet at their convenience, and to discuss an issue that impacts all of us animal abuse. Animal abuse is not a localised issue only impact pet owners and farmers, it impacts us all.

When you vote in the general election in June, remember so far Plaid Cymru in Wales and the Green Party in the UK are fighting to end animal cruelty through the animal abuse register. They are the ones that realise there is a link between animal cruelty and the chance the individual may become violent against another human. Just because there is a chance it does not guarantee that they will. Nonetheless, the register offers the opportunity to track those who abuse animals by placing them on register, identifying those at risk to provide them the help they need, and when a juvenile is involved providing the necessary support the family. By fighting for the register we are fighting to provide a better tomorrow for everyone, including the animals, in Britain.

Update 23 April 2017

Since writing the initial article regarding political party support the Green Party, as we understand, may not stand a candidate in Plymouth in order to support Labour. For Maxine and Brian this is disappointing. They wholeheartedly support the Green Party’s animal abuse register policy but are disappointed the Green Party attempt to support Labour. Reason for their disappointment lies in Labour’s lack of support for animal abuse register, in particular the animal abuse register is not a part of Labour’s current manifesto and they have concerns regarding the party. This potential decision by the Green Party is making Brian and Maxine,  question Green Party’s commitment to the register. They ask their supporters to think about their decision to vote Green Party and what their vote will mean. In particular what their vote may mean if Corbyn is elected Prime Minister. Brian and Maxine hopes the Green Party will re-think their support for Labour and rethink running a candidate in Plymouth against Labour.

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