What is Brighter Tomorrow?


What is is an extension of AAR – Animal Abuse Register / Justice for Chunky page on Facebook. Purpose of this site is allow individuals who are not typically on Facebook find us. It will give them the opportunity to interact, ask questions, learn about the animal abuse register campaign; and understand our goal.

It will also allow Maxine to personally make for you soaps, candles, jewellery, and provide animal abuse register campaign items. Campaign related items will be similar to the Justice for Chunky t-shirts and coffee mugs that have been previously provided. However to provide the campaign items they will not be made by Maxine but sourced from a supplier. By being able to make these items for you, it will give Maxine of saying thank you for the support and hopefully it will allow you to feel a part of the campaign.

Since this is being done in our spare-time additions will be done in piecemeal. It is our hope you will visit us regularly to see the updates and what is being offered.

Any questions please email us or contact us via the below form.

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